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If the coin comes up say, heads, you put out one finger; if it comes up tails, you put out two fingers. What has this procedure done? It has completely destroyed your opponent’s ability to outguess you. The chances of your putting out one or two fingers are 50-50. The chances of a coin coming […]

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These two principles regarding inducing and stopping bluffs should be self-evident. When you try to induce a bluff, you will always call if your opponent bets. When you try to stop a bluff, you will always fold if your opponent bets. To do otherwise is completely counterproductive, and it would be better not to try […]

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How Do Online Casinos in Asia Prevent Cyber Attacks?

Since the first days of gambling, cybercriminals as well as scammers target casinos.   In 2017, 29 Hong Kong-based online gambling sites were attacked in a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. A DDoS is a sort of cyberattack where the hacker attempts to shoot down a website by overpowering the host using […]

How Legal is Online Gambling in the US?

The legal issues on online gambling is a never-ending debate and questions between its users and players. That’s why its legality is also ever-changing. But one thing is only constant— it’s good for monetization. Online gambling started in the year 1997 with about $200 million in revenues. Today, online gambling makes an estimated one billion […]

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Game theory bears out these shifts in strategy. Notice that if you bluffed with five cards instead of six — that is, slightly less than optimally — you would win $300 more per 42 hands if your opponent called rather than folded every time. However, if you bluffed with seven cards instead of six, you […]

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Studies about the Impact of Gambling to the Person and Society as a WholeStudies about the Impact of Gambling to the Person and Society as a Whole

In many different countries worldwide, gambling to win money is undoubtedly a popular and fun leisure activity. And the government likes it for the fact that it creates good revenue for the state which they acquire in forms of taxes. The thing is, gambling has economic and social impact that not just affects the player themselves but also, their family, close friends, significant others and even the society as a whole. This is the exact reason why when gambling or playing in online casinos such as to always apply cautious and responsibility.

What’s into it?

With studies about gambling impact, it can help both lawmakers as well as researchers in comparing the social and health costs and the benefits that are associated to different gambling policies. It can be used as well when taking into consideration which type of gambling policy will increase or reduce costs or benefits.

In relation to public health approach, gambling’s impact can be positive and negative and these can be assessed by the activity’s severity spectrum. Despite the fact that there are studies that created basic principles for conducing impact studies, it is still lacking of a theoretical model.

The primary goal of this debate is reviewing contrasting and complementing views on gambling effects to be able to develop a conceptual model in which the perspective of public health is applied.

3 Classifications of the Impact of Gambling Model

Gambling effects could be structuralized by taking advantage of a conceptual model. This model is dividing the impacts into costs and benefits as well as positive and benefits. The cost and benefits are then categorized in 3 classifications namely:

  1. Financial
  2. Well-being and;
  3. Labor and health

These classes are manifesting personal, societal and interpersonal levels. The individual impacts are causing impacts on personal level among gamblers themselves while external impacts are influencing the society and interpersonal levels and concern others. There is also the temporal level that basically refers to severity, development and the scope of gambling impact. These do include the general impact, long-term impacts of gambling and impacts of problem gambling.

With that said, conceptual model is offering a foundation to develop common methodology for evaluating the true impact of gambling towards the society. This, while trying to measure the fiscal impacts and also, social impacts it creates.

If the model is done accurately, then it could be used in identifying areas to which research is scarce and thus, filing in the gaps of knowledge that will then help strike balance.

The Global Online Gambling Market To Grow Even MoreThe Global Online Gambling Market To Grow Even More

With the ever-evolving digital world, most trades and industries have now entered the digital landscape to have a wider reach, web traffic as well as potential revenue. This is very much true in the gambling industry where sports betting and gambling games like poker and the slots could now be enjoyed online.

Today, there are hundreds to thousands of gambling and betting sites operating online. Which makes choosing a verified, trusted and reliable online gambling and betting site not an easy. Providentially, sites like 토토사이트 offering a service wherein they provide recommendations of trusted and secure casino sites as well as verify the credibility of gambling or betting site.

With sites like 토토사이트 recommending verified, credible and trusted online casino sites, this will give you more confidence and assurance that you are dealing with a site that is safe and secure. With the increasing number of online gambling and betting site, verifying the credibility of the site is essential and very much important to avoid fraud and deception.

Online Betting And Gambling Sites Expected to Grow Even More

The growth of online betting and gambling sites has given people around the globe an easy, more accessible and convenient way to enjoy their favorite gambling and betting games from their own homes. And with the coronavirus outbreak that has caused people to remain in the confines of their home, online gambling and betting has pulled in new users as they look for ways to entertain themselves.

This may be actually good for the economy, since the outbreak has also caused the temporary closure of many traditional brick and mortar casinos as well as other businesses which means loss in the part of business owners and loss of income for the government crippling the economy.

Global Online Gambling Market Size

Last year, the size of the global market of online gambling was valued at 53.7 billion US dollars. This figure is expected and most likely to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% through 2020 to 2027, with and expected value of 66.7 billion US dollars in 2020 and 92.9 billion US dollars in 2023. With the high penetration of the Internet as well as the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops, among people to be able to play access online gambling and betting sites, this has driven even more individuals in the market.

In terms of economic benefits, tax revenues is perhaps the most significant benefit of online gambling and betting. While legalized gambling and betting in most states provides a little percentage of state tax receipts which is typically not more than 5%, tax revenues from casinos make it simpler for governments to avoid spending or budget cuts or other increases in tax.

Can The Economy Rely On Betting To Fill In The Gap?Can The Economy Rely On Betting To Fill In The Gap?

Establishing fixed laws and regulations over online sports betting and horse races could resolve illegal fixing efforts and provide a good source of revenue to strengthen the economy. During this health crisis, many governments are reviewing various avenues to boost incomes to support the economy which had been badly impacted by the measures to control the pandemic. However, the question is why has the government taken a different measure and banned online betting on sports and even poker online?

In the Indian constitutional debate, people expressed concern about gambling and the total ban on gambling. After receiving responses from the legislature, that certain countries received significant income from game services, the countries that have participated in gambling and gaming are listed in the country list wherein each country has the right to control these activities.

However, in the 1950s, the introduction of the Internet as well as the accessibility to remote services were not predicted. So the problem of having to regulate sports betting (e.g. horse racing betting) has to be solved. If so, does this need to expand regulation online such as betting on sports and horse racing?

Promote legalization of betting

Historically, in the traditional form of games, the lottery, tickets have been used to fund social projects, this includes the British Museum and the Great Wall of China. In India, the British built the city hall in Kolkata in 1813 using lottery tickets. This includes the Ripon Building, Moore Market, Victoria Cathedral, and etc. In the process of looking into problems related to spot-fixing or otherwise called match-fixing, the committee designated by the Supreme Court advised that sports betting be made legal.

In the report, it fairly believes that it will not only be a source of income but also help safeguard the ethics of the sports industry. Standardized sports betting allows you to know the bettor’s identity and betting events, and identify shady betting patterns. If shady betting behavior are recognized, the case can be looked into right away. In order to profit from their evil activities, the person who decides the location/game must place a large bet on the event. The betting method is then triggered and the players and game officials are investigated immediately.

When suspicious activities are found, not only important stakeholders will be investigated, but the stakes will also be invalid, making the punter impossible to make money. What has been seen in the international scene is that registered dealers (bookmarkers) work as sports guardians because the odds are determined influenced by fair play. So if a licensed dealer had been found to be fixing an event, they will lose a lot of money apart from their licenses.


Can our present economic situation rely on betting (of any kind) to fill in the gap? During this time, the forced quarantine as measures to fight the ongoing pandemic keeps our economy stagnant. And even if quarantine and easing have started, there is so much damage that immediate measures need to be done to save the economic climate. For years the government has benefited from betting of all sorts (despite the risks involved), and at this point, betting could still help survive local and even global economy.

New Sports Betting Regulation In Germany, Will It Work?New Sports Betting Regulation In Germany, Will It Work?

The regulation of sports betting has been failing for years. Now the federal states want to combat wild growth with quality requirements.

Throughout the world, we have seen the rise of online gaming, casinos, and sports betting. In Indonesia, sites like are regulated by local government units as guided by the federal constitution of the country.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the prime ministers of the federal states are now making a new attempt at regulation. At the prime ministerial conference next Thursday they want to make a fundamental decision. According to this, competition providers can be licensed if they fulfill certain conditions with regard to their reliability, data protection, protection of minors, and protection against money laundering. Hessen would again take the lead in nationwide licensing. The last attempt by the federal states to limit the number of licenses to 20 failed in court.

Fighting uncontrolled growth was a drama that lasted for years

Last but not least, the state lottery companies and the sports, social and cultural associations that have benefited from the proceeds have suffered wild growth in recent years. The State GmbHs continue to make decent sales with Lotto, which has been in Germany since 1955, and with the Eurojackpot introduced in 2012. But their attempt to participate in the lucrative sports betting market with the Oddset, founded in 1999, has been overtaken by the reality of the online world.

The lottery companies are actually rooted in sport. After the war, only soccer toto could be typed there. But Toto now only plays a tiny role. And Oddset is not making any progress either.

It started in 2006 when the Federal Constitutional Court shook the state’s monopoly on gaming and set conditions. The limitation to state providers should only be continued if the monopoly is “consistently aligned with the aim of combating addiction risks”, the Karlsruhe judges demanded. They gave the legislature time until the end of 2007 for a new regulation.

New attempt: Now it’s about quality

Since then, the lottery companies have significantly expanded their activities against gambling addiction. But politically and legally, the topic of sports betting was only moderately successful.

Seven years ago, the federal states agreed on a state treaty stating that no more than 20 concessions were to be given to sports betting providers. The Hessian Ministry of the Interior was commissioned to regulate this for all countries.

In September 2014, the Hesse Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) granted licenses to 20 companies, including the branch of the state lottery companies. Another 20 or so companies were left empty-handed, including the industry giant Tipico. All rejected applicants went to court – with success. In October 2015, the Hessian Administrative Court banned the awarding of licenses under the State Treaty on Gambling from 2012.

The federal states started the next attempt a year later. They decided to award concessions “based on minimum quality standards” alone. There should no longer be a limit of only 20 providers.

The prime ministers now have the relevant legislation. It bears a name that fits in length with the escalating dispute: third amendment gaming treaty. Hesse would then remain responsible for the implementation, more precisely: the Darmstadt regional council.

Qualitative Permit Procedure

This state treaty would introduce a “qualitative permit procedure”, says a spokesman for Hesse’s Minister of the Interior Peter Beuth (CDU).

The private betting providers, which have joined together in the German Sports Betting Association, see “a small but not sufficient step to regulate the German sports betting market”. Association president Mathias Dahms believes that further liberalization is necessary.

So it is “out of date” to continue to prohibit that the outcome of a game can be continuously tapped. This is particularly dangerous for addicts. However, Dahms complains that this “popular live bet” accounts for “about 60 to 70 percent” of the market. It would be pushed into the uncontrolled black market if the ban remained. “The prime ministers had done such a disservice to the protection of children and young people,” said the lobbyist of the betting provider.

The political dispute has not been resolved anyway. The prime ministers also advise on how online casinos are to be regulated in the future. Hessen is already threatening to go it alone if the federal states cannot agree on it. Then, according to the ministry of Beuth, “Hesse would be ready to create its own state law from 2021”.

Is the Gambling Industry Helping the Economy or Not?Is the Gambling Industry Helping the Economy or Not?

Among the primary challenges to which jurisdictions worldwide face is figuring out whether or not the gambling industry is something that’s worthy to be given attention to. To some people, taxes are realized from established casino market could be used in the country’s economy for array of things. Though for others, the concerns that are affecting individual gamblers turn the tide against the casinos.

Thus, there’s no easy way of determining whether the gambling industry such as Mega888 brings positive or negative impact to an economy. There are places though in which gambling has already been outlawed with significant benefits to the economy while in some places, it happens to be the complete opposite. We will try to check the different effects of gambling and casino towards the economy to ascertain whether there are real benefits to the economy.

The True Nature of Gambling Industry

Casinos have been in operation for as long as man can remember. Its nature keep growing for years and years and the activities involved have changed as time passes by. Modern type of gambling though has been in existence since 20th century.

As a matter of fact, the very first gambling machines made were in early 20th century and it allows players to win certain prizes. When it comes to casinos, there has been considerable evolution. In 21st century, you have more ways to gamble and play your favorite casino games. For one, you can personally head over to the casino establishment and play. Or if you don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of traffic, you may instead play it over the internet or directly in your smartphone.

Potential Impacts of Casinos towards the Economy

With regards to the overall impact of casinos, there are actually known arguments that make up the case for it. In places to which it is allowed or legalized, the government embraces the opportunity of acquiring more taxes from such businesses. However, there are rules that are set in place which let these businesses to keep operating. Age limitation is put in place as well to be able to lock out children from engaging in any form of gambling.

It opens up new doors arising from gambling span, sports industry, tourism industry, advertisement industry and among other industries. With this being said, the gambling industry was able to contribute a big chunk to national basket on macro level.

Gambling Is Important To Boost Economic ClimateGambling Is Important To Boost Economic Climate

Gambling has become a booming industry that handsomely contributes to the economy. Classic casinos seem to be making more losses and have to close in many places. Casinos are hardly equipped with real live action tables, but much more with video poker machines, slot games, and the like. Smaller amusement arcades, which are no longer so small, are piling up. More and more of this small mini-casinos open in Germany. So the less upscale branch seems to be doing much better.

Can Gambling Fix The Economy?

The gambling industry that’s making it big is online casinos. Companies like All Slots casino online and bocoran togel in Singapore are growing almost daily. The internet industry in general is very busy in the gambling sector. Since the criminal liability of online gambling was abolished a few years ago, more and more casinos have been sprouting up. Almost every day new websites open on the Internet that wants to take your money. Nevertheless, it is quite easy for customers to find a legal online casino. You just have to make sure that you choose a company that has a European license. An online casino can also be in Spain, in Malta, or in another European member country. This also means that these companies can potentially withdraw money from Germany.

According to the applicable EU law, betting outside your country is perfectly fine, because online gambling in many countries has become legal, you only have to comply with applicable EU law. As a German player, of course, you don’t break a jag if you look for a German online casino, there are just as many as everywhere else. Nevertheless, the amount that has to be paid daily to foreign casino companies is not insignificant and of course, all this is money that the German economy lacks.

However, the domestic gaming industry is on the rise as much as that on the Internet. In the past few months, smaller arcades have opened. These arcades are said to be used more and more by immigrants. This rumor is persistent, especially on the Internet. Certainly, it has not been proven that refugees promote the gaming industry here in the country, but there are certainly connections.

But stationary gambling has a hard time in Germany as a few years ago jackpot games were officially banned in Germany, at least as far as the small arcades are concerned. Apparently, the legislature did not take it so strictly, because jackpot games are still present on the Internet, and certainly also in licensed casinos. In stationary German gambling, however, they have been banned due to the fact that they have been officially regarded as a “temptation to gamble”. It is actually a shame that the classic arcades are no longer allowed to offer these services, as are customer cards with a bonus function and the like. Bonuses in online casinos, however, were not prohibited. Maybe that’s an unfair advantage and will have to be tried in court someday.

Continuous Boom of Online CasinosContinuous Boom of Online Casinos

There are increasing number of physical and regular casinos are starting to go online. Online gambling industry’s popularity is spiking with more and more people are using their smartphones to access these sites and play. As of the time of this writing, experts are forecasting that the industry is going to boom bigger in 2023. Truth is, the total budget for online gaming industry peaks at 525 billion dollars.

This forecast shows that it could be more profitable for other countries in which gambling is being prohibited from legalization.

Perhaps, you are wondering what is the biggest aspect of online gambling industry. Having live dealer works for you is generating a feeling of real game which offer live presence feel. This is otherwise referred to as “Live Casino”. Being a player, what are the possible benefits you can get from such approach? First things first, you can play casino whenever it is convenient for you. These types of games have outperformed RGB-based games due to the reason that they’re more “live”.

Gambling has been always about “social games”. After all, participants might communicate eagerly.

The industry was so fast to move in covering pretty much every aspect of the online realm from Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and everything in between. However, among everything, it’s Telegram that is the preferred way to gamble for it is reinforced with superb security channels. Players have easy access to placing bets and game slots by using simplified automated Telegram commands.

So Why Play in Telegram?

Basically, there are countless benefits of playing in Telegram some of which are discussed below:

  • Convenience – easily launch the slots you love playing in Telegram
  • Security – as a matter of fact, TG is known for its sophisticated data protection algorithm
  • Accessibility – there is no need to have high speed internet connection for you to play

The Gambling Industry Right in Your Fingertips

According to research, there are about 3.26 billion people who use their smartphones to regularly access online casinos and bet online. This is actually a 10 percent increase compared to last year. This is the reason why a large number of operators have a tendency to make 2 different versions of the game; one for the computer version and the other is for smartphones. Mid-range phones becomes so powerful that it can conveniently access everything the user desires from playing games, reading, working, talking, listening to music and yes, online casino like

How Casinos Help The Local Communities And The EconomyHow Casinos Help The Local Communities And The Economy

For many years, millions of people across the globe enjoy casino games, especially now that casinos have already began to offer their services through the internet. Online gambling sites like the Situs Judi Online has now become very popular because of how convenient it is to play just about anytime and anywhere

For instance, playing Situs Judi Online is a lot of fun. Aside from the numerous casino and gambling games it offers, you get a chance to win some huge amount of cash. Many visit the online gambling site as it is reliable and trusted which means playing, depositing and claiming your bonuses on the site is very much safe.

Because of the coronavirus, a lot of people aren’t able to visit any land-based casino due to their temporary and indefinite closure to avoid mass gathering and prevent the spread of the very infectious and lethal virus.

As people self-isolate themselves in their homes, this has made online gambling sites even more popular as people look for ways to entertain themselves during this time where businesses has temporarily shut-down and people have nowhere to go for entertainment.

Casinos Help Local Communities and the Economy

Before the COVD-19, gambling in a land-based casino is a very popular leisure activity. Moreover, the gambling industry helps the economy in certain ways and opens up a lot of opportunities for local societies or communities.

casinos in local communities

On Employment

Land-based casinos generate thousands of jobs and career opportunities for the local community. For a casino to provide sufficient, smooth and outstanding service, it has to employ qualified people to do the job well. In terms of career, table dealers for instance could be promoted to floor manager or other identical senior rank.

Statistics would reveal that nations with casinos have a greater rate of employment. Furthermore, salaries in cities and states that have land-based casinos are higher. This shows that the industry does have the capacity to bring to their local communities and economy positive changes.


On Taxes

Since casinos are a business, they generate revenue. And as they generate revenue, they are obligated to pay taxes. This would also mean that if players do win, they too need to pay tax on their winnings. These taxes that they pay go to government funds for the government to use for programs that would benefit the community.  Furthermore, casinos finance numerous charities and support a lot of social initiatives which are meant to improve people’s life.

casino creates employment and improves tourism

On Tourism

Most of the time, a casino is a one-stop-shop where it also functions as a resort with a hotel, restaurants, entertainment centers, spa and wellness centers, shopping malls, salons and more. Such venue, like Las Vegas, becomes a place where tourists and vacationers flock to as they don’t need to go anywhere else to have fun or relax. Some actually spend more on these auxiliary facilities than on the gambling floor. This is also one reason why many businesses opt to establish the business near crowd-drawing casinos.

How Casinos Help The EconomyHow Casinos Help The Economy

The Gambling Industry in different countries across the globe remains to quickly and steadily grow as legal gambling activities such as online casinos, online slots like slot online, and sports betting has become popular and prevalent. This growth in popularity is because of the pervasiveness of the internet, mobile devices and mobile apps that abundantly are accessible and available in the market.

casinos help the local economy

There is an enormous market for gambling, especially in the digital world as this has brought about the growth and progress of betting sites like agen slot since it enabled players to put in their wager or bets conveniently and with utter ease.

How Casinos Help The Economy

A lot of people look at gambling in general in the wrong way, something unethical, unhealthy or just plain bad.

One major reason as to why gambling is perceived in a very bad way is due to how several individuals tend to get carried away and lose control of themselves affecting not only financially but also mentally.

Gambling should be seen as a form of amusement similar to listening to music, watching a film or playing a sport. However, gambling becomes unhealthy and very much dangerous when a person can’t seem to go on a day without any gambling activity, whether on a land-based casino or any online gambling site.

Although it has a number of negative impacts, gambling businesses whether online or land-based, have some positive impacts on the economy.

casinos generate employment

Land-based Casinos Generate Employment

For a land-based casino to operate smoothly, it entails employing a large number of employees and staff. Usually, casino also include a hotel and resort, restaurants, and even a spa. Hence, people are needed so there is need for employment.

In fact, after the introduction of casinos, the rate of local employment increased which is a strong sign that casinos do create jobs and help lessen the rate of local unemployment.

Generally, land-based casinos necessitate a workforce to operate. This workforce is most likely from the locality which cuts unemployment in that local area. Several of the people they casinos hire are table dealers, bartenders, wait staffs, security personnel’s and more. Therefore, when locals are employed, people’s lives improve which benefits the local economy.

Casino Revenue Tax

Casinos are business establishments; hence taxes are imposed on them as well. Since casinos owners earn an income or a revenue. These taxes are paid to the government which are utilized to finance various programs by the government. Both the local and state governments promote tax revenues from casinos as benefits.

Boost Local Businesses and Retail Sales

Casinos draw in a lot of vacationers and tourists. More of them would mean more purchases from local businesses which increases retail sales. Facilities and business establishments such as restaurants, hotels, boutiques, and others generate sales which is again good for the economy as there are sales tax laws wherein governments benefit from.

Revenues From Casino Hotels Boost The EconomyRevenues From Casino Hotels Boost The Economy

The welcoming appeal of casino hotels like the Agua Caliente Casino Resort offers a big profit for the tourism industry. More and more people are coming back not just to have fun in their casino tables but also to indulge in  Rancho Mirage spa experiences.


The Economics of Gambling


For some, it’s a nice pastime, for others a sport, and for others still – a source of income. For many people, casinos (and gambling as a whole) play a role that should not be underestimated in their lives. But when you consider what gambling actually is, you realize that much of the economy is about gambling.


When you think of gambling, you think of casinos, slot machines, stacks of chips, and croupiers that shuffle the cards or spin the roulette wheel. And of course, gambling as it is in the dictionary is mainly found in almost all cities worldwide, and especially in gambling cities such as Las Vegas, Macau, and Monaco.


Casinos had made a huge profit in the past years and have helped in the economy of every city it is situated in. And even with the rise of online gambling, traditional gambling will remain strong as among the pillars of the economy.


After all, online casinos have been a nightmare for offline casinos for twenty years. These gambling websites have advantages that brick affiliates simply cannot compete with: there is more choice in online casinos, the games are more accessible, there are no opening hours or full tables, members are made good with a casino bonus, and nowadays you can even gamble online from your mobile phone.


Brick-and-Mortar Casinos


While offline casinos found themselves in the dark for quite some time, finding partnerships in the hotel and tourism industry made a difference. Now many brick-and-mortar casinos offer not just casino tables but a haven for relaxation and entertainment.


Casinos found a new location in hotels and resorts that offer a range of amenities people love. So that gambling is not the only reason to visit but also to have a great social experience. In many casino hotels/resorts, you will find spas, golf courses, pools, music rooms, billiards hall, gym, and great rooms to house guests for the weekend or even a prolonged stay.


The appeal of these casinos and amenities attract more tourists than it normally does when it stood just as a casino in a barren desert. And with this great attraction to visitors, it creates a domino effect that likewise boosts the local economy. While some local governments support it, some others remain solid on the laws imposed on casinos (or gambling as a whole).

What Online Casinos have to Follow for Continuous Operations?What Online Casinos have to Follow for Continuous Operations?

When it comes to online gambling jurisdiction, one thing you have to know is that there are different types of it being implemented worldwide. Some are well-known and well-respected and many of the best and biggest names in the industry are based in such while others are so-so. While we knew that there are different jurisdictions being put in place, they all have something in common and that is what we will talk about in the next lines.

Licensing Requirements

The requirements for a license for any gambling site depend on which jurisdiction to which they’re based and also, to what kind of service they are offering. Take a quick look on the most common requirements that have to be met by an online casino:

  • Suitability of executives and its owners
  • Accounting procedures
  • Dealing with player’s issues
  • Preventing underage players to gamble
  • Handling complaints and;
  • Fairness of the games

Majority of these requirements are set in place to have assurance that online casinos will keep the confidence of its players in continued patronage to their site.

Let us take a brief overview of some of the requirements and to why it is important.

Suitability of Executives and its Owners

Much like in real casinos, there’s a bunch of money involved online gambling industry. Just as with anything wherein large amount of money is involved, this easily attracts of countless of would-be criminals. Therefore, many of the licensing authorities are stringent in gambling site’s operations by assessing owners and its senior staffs to make sure that they’re of good standing and fit to operate.

Accounting Procedures

This is among the vital aspects of any regulations when it comes to guaranteeing safe deposit to any gambling sites. Licensing authorities may even impose array of regulations that are associated to accounting procedures.

Fairness of the Games

The point of this matter is more on the casino sites like Judi Bola offering casino games or any interactive gambling games. They ought to show that all game titles are fair and players have fighting chance of winning.

Oftentimes, this indicates that their software has to be fully tested by a third party and that such tests should be done on regular intervals.

Dealing with Player’s Issues

There are many criticisms that the gambling industry faces and among them is that it makes addiction to the games more likely. Whether you believe it or not, licensed sites are usually mandated to follow certain measures to avoid gambling issues to transpire. These measures do include offering an option to set a limit to the deposits that a player can make or even self-exclude.

Most Played Types of Online Slot GamesMost Played Types of Online Slot Games

There are a lot online slot machines in the web Just like how you choose with the right clothing to wear is exactly how you choose on what type of online slot machine to play. If you are really serious about making money on playing slot machines then you have to be better at knowing which game is for you.

Yes, not all slot machines are for the right for monetizing. Some are pretty complicated and some are 20% winning it and 80% just luck. While there are also some which are perfect if you really wanted to monetize it, some even used it to earn for a living.

Types of Slot Games

There is a wide range of slot games available online. It can be video slots, bonus slots, progressive jackpot slots, and 3-reel slots.

1 3-Reel Slot

This type of slot game is a single line slot machine that appears to be very simple to play. If you are a newbie at a playing slot machine, this slot game is perfect for you. These games are simple and easy but winning is very crucial you have to have the ability to grasp the basic rules quickly. So a little bit of research and practice is needed.

2 Video slot game or multiple reel slot

Another famous type of slot game is the video slot which has at least 5 reels. For some, it is called 5-reel slots. What comes different here is that the sounds, graphics, images of the video slot are attractive, alluring, modernized and are designed to give you the best user experience of the game.

What causes Online Slots to Cast Shadow on Other Casino Games?What causes Online Slots to Cast Shadow on Other Casino Games?

Many would agree that the “slot machines” are one of the most popular and sought-after casino games, both online and offline. In fact, it is fairly easy to find slot online with just a simple search on the internet.

A bit of History

The very physical slot has been built and introduced in late 19th century. However, it took a number of years before the very first online slot surfaced. On the other hand, the moment when online slots appeared, it effortlessly became a big hit among players. A truly interesting part about casino games is that, its popularity keep growing year after year.

In fact in 2019, with hundreds or thousands of slot developers at the most, it becomes a bit of a challenge to pick a slot to play at. Believe it or not, slot providers are creating games almost every single day. Thus, do not expect to run out of game titles or themes.

Why are Slots Loved so Much?

In this modern era, slot category in casinos online are deemed to be the most played one. But have you ever thought of the reason why so many people are in love with it? That is what we are going to find out in the next lines.

Reason number 1. Convenience of Playing

One of the primary reasons for the fast growth of online slot’s popularity is the level of convenience it offers. Classic slots as well as video slots could be enjoyed right at the comfort of your home.

Despite the fact that majority of casino-goers enjoy the ambience of a land-based casino, there are just some days in which you do not feel to dress up. This is where online slots become an immense advantage.

Reason number 2. Diversity of Games Available

Admit it or not, but casino slots are the most lucrative and creative casino game. In comparison to other games like blackjack and roulette, slot’s graphics are far better than the mentioned games. This is because when slots are made, its developers have plenty of area for experimentation and be creative. Thus, for every release, rest assure to see something new that is unique to it.

Reason number 3. Free to Play!

You may have heard or read some online casinos offering games that are free to play. Well, online slots are not an exemption. Therefore, if you are focused on mastering your strategy and skills in playing slots, you can do so during free to play mode.

Gambling Tourism And The EconomyGambling Tourism And The Economy

The digital domain has a major influence on numerous things, including the industry of gambling. Playing casino games in online gambling sites, such as joker slot, can really earn players a huge profit. It has fast tracked the process of achieving wealth in a very short span of time as online gambling makes it more convenient for players to access casino games and has given them the opportunity to play at any time and place.


Gambling and Tourism

Although online casinos and gambling sites may prove to be quite convenient for many, there are those who still prefer the real thing, which is why many nations across the globe have been developing huge casinos in several areas within their jurisdictions. As many tourists and patrons are attracted to land-based casinos, it then also brings in more profit.

Evidently, an area with such strong tourism environment brings in more money, more recognition as well as more potential investors which would greatly benefit the economy.

If we take the biggest casinos in the world as examples, we could in fact see how tourism is heightened because of its presence. In Nevada, US, for instance, Las Vegas alone was able to draw in more than 40 million visitors in 2016. This isn’t quite shocking since Las Vegas is really the must-go place if you’re looking to gamble some money and at the same time have awesome fun. The many tourist attractions as well as the scenic nightlights also have surely contributed in attracting tourists. But, it is the overall experience of gambling and the casino ambiance that essentially drew them in.


Gambling Tourism – What is it?

Las Vegas

Gambling tourism, as the term implies, is the combination of the gaming and travel sectors, wherein it involves people who travel to basically gamble as well as companies and businesses providing support for these people. Casinos that also function as a hotel resort play a vital role in this type of tourism, since they are necessary to entice visitors to book holidays primarily for gambling, entertainment and recreation. Gambling tourism catch the attention of gamblers who search for other places, other than their own where their law might restrict them to gamble, to participate in gambling activities.


Certain areas across the world purposely attract a great number of visitors or tourists primarily for gambling-related activities. As visitors and tourists stay in gaming venues, resort hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment spots are everywhere encouraging tourists to extend their visit and have a well-rounded stay.


The more people visit gambling venues, the more will be the demand for goods and services which can increase the rate of employment to meet all of these demands. Hence, gambling tourism, to a certain extent, greatly contributes to the economy.

Starting Your Online Casino Business? Read this First!Starting Your Online Casino Business? Read this First!

Do you know that with enough means and knowledge, one can start a casino business and generate good profits out of it? Of course, money will be required to buy necessary licenses, deep funds to pay clients, strategic management and everything in between. After everything is sorted out, what seems to be the problem right? That’s the inevitable fact that there are too many of you in the market competing for people’s interests and attention.

Everybody Wants to be in the Game

Well, there’s a reason why the gaming industry has seen massive growth for the past twenty years.

Back in 2011, the industry has generated a staggering net worth of 25 billion dollars and by 2018, it doubled by 51 billion dollars with online sector contributed almost 80 percent of the total value.

So don’t wonder why there are plenty of casino sites online these days such as pkvgames.

If you are about to start such business, then the best way of making profits is by finding “emerging markets”. Majority of Europe is now dominated by leading gambling sites and yet, there are new online casinos surfacing the web almost every month.

On the contrary, there are millions of people in different countries where online casinos and other forms of gambling have been legalized for the past decade. Countries similar to Spain and several Latin America countries are warming up to embrace online gambling.

Gaming Software for Lease

One of the biggest hurdles for startup online casinos is to pay the lease casino games. Believe it or not, just a single license from leading providers can already cost around 7,000 to 60,000 dollars. Top gambling sites do support games from best providers. This is unless you locate reliable developer, then you have to pay for sought after game titles.

Availability of Talents at Reasonable Price

Running and operating a gambling site is comparable to managing other sites. The number of games available on sites should run smoothly and efficiently round the clock. And guess what? Problems and hiccups are inevitable and if they arise, they have to be handled ASAP.

This calls for a dedicated and effective team who will oversee the site at all times. It will demand regular maintenance and not to mention, seasoned accountants to deal with outgoing and incoming payments 100% accurate. Luckily today, it is easier to find talents who perform these tasks.

Superstitious Gambling Around the WorldSuperstitious Gambling Around the World

Gamblers are perhaps among the most superstitious people you will have ever known. They believe in luck, fortune, and good vibes. While gamblers are very logical, they always have room for superstitions and there’s nothing to lose if you follow any of these beliefs.

Are you superstitious? If you think you are not, you are not the only one, because most people tend to deny the label. However, you might find yourself tapping on wood or crossing your fingers to avoid bad luck.

Although there are people who do not take superstition seriously, some of these beliefs remain an important part of many cultures. Likewise, there are many different superstitions that people have when it comes to online gambling or playing casino online and in land-based casinos.

Don’t count money on the table

But other superstitious activities are people trying to avoid counting money while playing games. This kind of behavior is usually typical for player cards. In particular, some people consider this activity good to be polite, while others think it is very rude and unprofessional.

Lucky # 7 and Lucky # 13

Some know exactly why, but the number 13 is always considered to bring bad luck, especially in Western culture. Because of this, some hotels do not have floor 13 or room number 13, because some customers will deliberately avoid them. Likewise, in the world of online casinos, it seems like people are careful about number 13, especially when playing roulette. However, in Asia, number 13 is said to be a symbol of luck.

On the contrary, the number 7 symbolizes fun and prosperity. What’s more, this is a very special amount of connotation when it comes to online gambling, especially when playing online slots and special versions of blackjack.

More Things to Avoid

There are, of course, more superstitions that are believed to bring bad luck, some of which include loaning money to other players, playing on a polished table, touching other players’ shoulders, turning on a chair while playing, whistling during gameplay, along with many other activities.

Having fun is what’s important

One thing is certain, using special rituals that can help players gain their confidence and improve the winning strategy to a certain extent. But luck comes in its own way and what’s important is having fun along the way, no matter if you win or lose.

How about you? Do you consider yourself to be superstitious? If so, do you have rituals or amulets?

How Legal is Online Gambling in the US?How Legal is Online Gambling in the US?

The legal issues on online gambling is a never-ending debate and questions between its users and players. That’s why its legality is also ever-changing. But one thing is only constant— it’s good for monetization.

Online gambling started in the year 1997 with about $200 million in revenues. Today, online gambling makes an estimated one billion dollars annually. This is a huge business that not only the site can make and generate money, but also its players.

What makes it special and unique is that it is done online. Less hassle, and more convenient. Which makes it ideal for those people who just want to stay at home and make money while enjoying the game— they no longer need to travel to the nearest casino.

With all these legal issues going on around the online gambling industry, there’s only one thing that US citizens are asking, “is it legal in the US?”. today, we will answer that question.

Legalizing Online Gambling

A lot of things are already legalized in the US, there’s just one thing people often asks about— that’s gambling. If other games and sports betting are allowed around the bushes of the US, then why not is online gambling?

The road to legalizing and regulating online poker was paved just in December 2011 when the US Department of Justice issued a legal opinion on it. Meaning to say it is indeed lateralized in the US. the DOJ also concluded everything outside sporting events that fall outside the Federal Wire Act’s reach.

The news was indeed a victory for online gamblers. Since then, states have been active in celebrating their legal rights to pass online poker legislation. Its legalization also invites other sports betting that has millions or more tax revenue than online poker has.

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