Gambling Is Important To Boost Economic Climate

Gambling has become a booming industry that handsomely contributes to the economy. Classic casinos seem to be making more losses and have to close in many places. Casinos are hardly equipped with real live action tables, but much more with video poker machines, slot games, and the like. Smaller amusement arcades, which are no longer so small, are piling up. More and more of this small mini-casinos open in Germany. So the less upscale branch seems to be doing much better.

Can Gambling Fix The Economy?

The gambling industry that’s making it big is online casinos. Companies like All Slots casino online and bocoran togel in Singapore are growing almost daily. The internet industry in general is very busy in the gambling sector. Since the criminal liability of online gambling was abolished a few years ago, more and more casinos have been sprouting up. Almost every day new websites open on the Internet that wants to take your money. Nevertheless, it is quite easy for customers to find a legal online casino. You just have to make sure that you choose a company that has a European license. An online casino can also be in Spain, in Malta, or in another European member country. This also means that these companies can potentially withdraw money from Germany.

According to the applicable EU law, betting outside your country is perfectly fine, because online gambling in many countries has become legal, you only have to comply with applicable EU law. As a German player, of course, you don’t break a jag if you look for a German online casino, there are just as many as everywhere else. Nevertheless, the amount that has to be paid daily to foreign casino companies is not insignificant and of course, all this is money that the German economy lacks.

However, the domestic gaming industry is on the rise as much as that on the Internet. In the past few months, smaller arcades have opened. These arcades are said to be used more and more by immigrants. This rumor is persistent, especially on the Internet. Certainly, it has not been proven that refugees promote the gaming industry here in the country, but there are certainly connections.

But stationary gambling has a hard time in Germany as a few years ago jackpot games were officially banned in Germany, at least as far as the small arcades are concerned. Apparently, the legislature did not take it so strictly, because jackpot games are still present on the Internet, and certainly also in licensed casinos. In stationary German gambling, however, they have been banned due to the fact that they have been officially regarded as a “temptation to gamble”. It is actually a shame that the classic arcades are no longer allowed to offer these services, as are customer cards with a bonus function and the like. Bonuses in online casinos, however, were not prohibited. Maybe that’s an unfair advantage and will have to be tried in court someday.