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Energy storage made simple.


Energy storage has never been simpler. Phazr’s plug-and-play technology hooks right to the back of your customer’s solar panel for a quick and painless installation.


Phazr uses symmetric DC regulation (SDCR) technology and has no single point-of-failure to assure your customer’s are consistently generating and storing energy.

Retrofit and Replace

Phazr plug-and-play energy storage can retrofit to most solar installations. They are also field replaceable, quickly and with ease.


There is zero design and installation cost with Phazr plug-and-play energy storage.

How Easy, Safe, and Reliable is Phazr MicroStorage?

The Ease of Phazr Plug-and-play technology

Phazr is a revolutionary energy storage product that couples a compact battery pack directly to a corresponding solar panel, achieving the most reliable and safe solution with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

JLM Energy furthers the innovation behind their proven technology to introduce a new product category called MicroStorage. Pairing flexible design with a focus on simplicity, Phazr mounts seamlessly beneath an individual solar panel, making installation virtually cost free.

The Plug-and-Play energy storage utilizes JLM Energy’s patent-pending Symmetric DC Regulation, the only technology available that allows a solar panel to charge a battery and send power to a home or building at the same time. Excess energy can then be stored in the battery for use 24-hours a day. Download our white paper to see how MicroStorage technology is perfect for you.

Max. Input Power264 W350 W350 W350 W350 W350 W350 W
Operating Voltage Range22 V – 50 V22 V – 50 V22 V – 50 V22 V – 50 V22 V – 50 V22 V – 50 V22 V – 50 V
Max. Input Voltage Range50 V50 V50 V50 V50 V50 V50 V
Max. Input Current12 A12 A12 A12 A12 A12 A12 A
Max. Short Circuit Current15 A15 A15 A15 A15 A15 A15 A
Optimal Panel Vmp (NOCT) Range21.5 V – 25 V25 V – 28.5 V28.5 V – 32.5 V32.5 V – 36 V36 V – 39.5 V39.5 V – 43 V43 V – 46.5 V

Compatibility | 60-Cell & 72-Cell Solar Modules          •          Microinverter Compatibility | Any UL 1741 Listed Microinverter or DC Power Optimizer

Max. Output Power200 W230 W260 W300 W300 W300 W300 W
Max. Output Current8 A8 A8 A8 A8 A8 A8 A
Output Voltage Range22 V – 48 V22 V – 48 V22 V – 48 V22 V – 48 V22 V – 48 V22 V – 48 V22 V – 48 V
Max. Output Voltage50 V50 V50 V50 V50 V50 V50 V
Max. Short Circuit Current15 A15 A15 A15 A15 A15 A15 A

Phazr Smart Home Ecosystem

Phazr Right Angle

Phazr MicroStorage

Mount to the solar racking system underneath the solar array. Each unit should have a minimum roof clearance of 1” above the roof surface.

Phazr Hub

Phazr Hub

The hub communicates directly with Phazr MicroStorage, Linez, and Measurz through the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Home Wi-Fi Mesh. Verify the Phazr hub and Ubiquiti Amplifi router are located in a central place in the home between the roof mounted Phazr MicroStorage units and Linez.

Mesh Points

Phazr Hub

The Ubiquiti AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System features a powerful router and two (2) easy-to-install High Density wireless repeater mesh points. This helps to eliminate dead spots and provide a wide coverage area.

Phazr Home Map

Linez measures energy being consumed by your home and energy being produced by your solar array. It interfaces with specific Wi-Fi enabled inverters to read solar power production and sends that data to Measurz servers. Two internal current transformers measure solar production when the installed solar inverter is not Wi-Fi enabled.

When integrated with Loadz, Linez collects appliance data and sends it to Measurz. During times when energy is expensive, Linez sends commands to Loadz to turn off certain appliances or equipment to save money.

Is Solar Plus Storage Right for Your Company?

Learn more about Plug-and-Play storage and how your customers need energy storage! Fill out the information below and a representative will call you shortly.

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