Declare your energy independence.

Renewables + Energy Storage + Energy Management Software = Savings

We give you more choice and control through renewable energy and storage solutions.


Product Features

  • Measurz Software

    Remotely controls appliances.

  • Measurz App

    Monitors energy usage and helps you find efficiencies.

  • Return on Investment

    A commercial customer has reduced their monthly bill from $2500 to less than $30 a month.

Why JLM?


Portfolio of comprehensive renewable energy products and services;
Significant R&D investment to maintain our leadership position in energy innovation;
Unique, proprietary software platform which optimizes and monitors all products.


Developed by JLM engineers;
Manufactured in the US by JLM;
Engineering and architects on staff to help with installations.


Channel sales partnerships increase reach and innovation.
300+ network of dealers & distributors worldwide and expanding.

What people are saying.

I would recommend JLM energy to any person, tribe or business looking to become more independent and who wants a partner who respects and understands the importance of achieving that independence. The world is changing, technology is changing. We have better understanding for the need for renewable energy; it just makes sense for the long-term well being of the planet, but it also just makes good business sense.

Bear River Tribe – Matthew Mattson
Bear River Tribe – Matthew MattsonExecutive Director of Tribal Operations

We knew solar might make sense at some point, but JLM found us and comprehensively explained the added benefits of battery storage – it’s like found money. We’re really excited about our partnership with JLM Energy and plan to look to them further when we incorporate solar into their existing design.

Eric Barnes, CFO
Eric Barnes, CFOHyspan Precision Products