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Commercial Storage.

Large scale energy storage for commercial & industrial use

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Real-time data & Remote Access Anywhere

Gridz gives real-time updates with our intuitive software. Monitor your energy use from everywhere you travel that internet is available.

ROI & Federal and State Incentives

Get a return on your investment (ROI) in 5 years or less. Federal and State incentives are available for those who qualify.

Increased Average Monthly Savings

Average monthly savings of 20-45% with energy storage only. Increased monthly savings to 50%-100% for energy storage combined with solar.

Zero-down Financing

Financing options available with as little as 0% down.

Gridz Energy Storage for Large Companies

Optimize your energy storage solutions

Gridz is designed to work with or without solar and can be Grid-Synergistic or Grid-Resilient. Grid-Synergistic models intelligently balance your energy consumption to avoid expensive On-Peak usage. Each system arrives pre-programmed with your specific utility tariff to automatically deploy the lowest-cost strategy available, including Peak Demand Shaving, Time-of-Use Shifting, PV Smoothing, and more. Grid-Resilient models perform all of the same money-saving functions but with the added benefit of providing emergency backup power in the event of an outage.

Voltage Sag Protection

Power quality problem facing industrial customers.

Demand Charge Reduction

Reduce the high cost of demand charges and avoid escalating peak monthly rates

Provide Backup Power

Critical power applications, essential loads, etc.

Demand Response Implementation

Software automatically monitors and optimizes energy consumption.

Gridz is designed to optimize your energy storage.

Utility companies calculate electricity charges for businesses based on total kilowatts consumed and the speed these kilowatts were used. So called “demand charges” can account for up to 50 percent of a monthly energy bill. At JLM Energy, we help significantly reduce utility charges. How? Our smart software analyzes historical energy consumption trends and then calculates the exact combination of storage and renewable energy needed to achieve energy optimization and financial savings.

Storage Capacity: scalable from 60 kWh  to over 1 MW

Inverter Capacity: 30 kW or 125 kW

NEMA-3R Outdoor installation

Integrated support for real-time control of loads

Communications: WiFi and/or Modbus RTU

Start saving on energy costs. Size your business today!

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Gridz Container Energy Storage System