Commercial Storage.

Large scale energy storage for commercial & industrial use

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Advanced Monitoring Software

Track system performance and savings through Measurz, JLM Energy’s cloud-based software platform.

Federal and State Incentives

Take advantage of limited-time state and federal incentives that contribute to a typical ROI of 5 years or less.

High Impact Savings

20-45% average utility bill reduction for systems with energy storage only (no solar). 50-100% average bill reduction for systems with solar + storage.

Zero-down Financing

$0 down financing now available for 2018.

Gridz Single Unit

Chose Your Savings Strategy

Gridz is designed to work with or without solar and can be Grid-Synergistic or Grid-Resilient. Grid-Synergistic models intelligently balance your energy consumption to avoid expensive On-Peak usage. Each system arrives pre-programmed with your specific utility tariff to automatically deploy the lowest-cost strategy available, including Peak Demand Shaving, Time-of-Use Shifting, PV Smoothing, and more. Grid-Resilient models perform all of the same money-saving functions but with the added benefit of providing emergency backup power in the event of an outage.

Voltage Sag Protection

Protect your machinery from fluctuations in grid power quality.

Demand Charge Reduction

Seamlessly operates behind-the-scenes to reduce costly demand charges.


Keep essential loads running during a power outage.

Demand Response

Enroll in utility sponsored DR programs for additional savings (where applicable).

Scalable, Plug-and-Play Solution

Gridz is delivered turn-key in a quality engineered, modular cabinet that seamlessly integrates with additional units for increased power and capacity. Individual units range from 15 kW to 30 kW of power output paired with a 1-hour or 2-hour storage capacity (up to 60 kWh). Each cabinet features long-lasting, thermally stable Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

Storage Capacity: Scalable from 60 kWh to over 1 MWh

Inverter: 30 kW Grid-Tied or Grid-Resilient Models

Communications: Wi-Fi and/or Modbus RTU

NEMA-3R Outdoor Cabinet

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