Understanding Baccarat

바카라 is a classic game that you could see in several movie settings. This perhaps is what made the game a bit intimidating to play. Actually, this is a very simple game to play and in regards of betting, the strategy to play this game is almost similar to a coin flip. Not only that, it has a low house edge and very player-friendly.

The Rules of the Game

Playing baccarat has certain rules but it is quite easy to understand. For one, the betting has to be done before the start of every hand. The game will then begin with two cards being dealt to each of the two hands. This is known as Player Hand and Bank Hand.

The objective of the game in live baccarat is to foresee which of the hands will get a total of closest to 9. This is carried out by betting on Bank Hand, Player Hand or wagering to a tie by the end of the round. When it comes to calculating all hands in total, all the faces and “10s” have a zero value and Ace with a value of one. The remaining cards though will retain their face value.

If in the event that any hand scores higher than 9, then the score will be adjusted by subtracting ten from its total.

The House Rules

Depending on the event or venue you are playing the game, its house rules will be the deciding factor whether the player or bank hand is entitled in drawing the third card. In any event, there’ll be a max of 3 cards available for all hands.

Those who made correct predictions on the winning player hand qualifies to a 1-to-1 payout. Those who forecasted the winning bank hand correctly will be eligible as well for the same payout. Under the baccarat rules, they have to pay 5 percent commission. This has the impact of reducing payout odds on the hand to 19 to 20.

Betting on the Game

If you bet on a player hand and comes closest to 9, then you get to win your stake twice! However, if you bet on banker’s hand and it won, the payout is going to be 95 percent of your bet. But do not forget that the totals that are above 9 would need players to drop their first digit in order to get its true value. So for instance, 9 + 8 = 17, drop the 1, = 7.