The State of Online Gambling in Thailand



Thailand is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It features beautiful scenery and plenty of things to try and do.


You will want to play เว็บคาสิโน (online casino) games if you’re a gambler who’s visiting Thailand. But is it possible to enjoy, or is it even legal, to play online gaming here?


Thai Gambling Laws Are Strict

If you’re hoping to enjoy a good sort of legal online casinos after hopping off the plane, then you’ll be somewhat disappointed. Thailand features a number of the planet’s strictest gambling laws.


All types of gambling outside of horse races and government-backed lotteries are prohibited, according to the Gambling Act of 1935. Thai residents and visitors can’t even own quite 120 playing cards without getting government approval, as a result of the Playing Cards Act.


Online gambling isn’t specifically mentioned within the archaic Gambling Act of 1935. Regardless, the country’s Ministry of Digital Economy and Society worked to dam many online casinos and betting sites in 2020.


Why Is Thailand So Strict on Gambling?

95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist. Gambling is one of all the most vices, or “portals of hell,” under Buddhism.


Many practicing Buddhists worry that they’ll suffer as a result of gambling. This same crowd doesn’t fight the notion that they’re alleged to avoid gaming.


Nevertheless, a number of the Thai still gamble. At an illegal casino, a ceremony, or the occasional festival, they’ll find places to do so. Although, the Thai isn’t an oversized culture of gamblers.


Online Casinos in Thailand: Do The Thai’s Still Play?

As covered earlier, gambling is basically considered illegal in Thailand. Nevertheless, the country still features many underground casinos and poker rooms.


The police will sometimes raid illegal gambling dens. However, residents and visitors can still find casino gaming as not all get checked.


Instead, they’re based in locations outside the country and then offer their services to the Thai people. Considering that the Gambling Act doesn’t mention online casinos or sportsbooks, gaming sites feel comfortable opening their services to local players. This example is comparable to Canada and plenty of US states, which features grey markets moreover.


Whether it’s online or in land-based establishments, most Thai Buddhists still avoid gambling, of course. Visitors, however, can foresee mobile casino games because of unregulated sites.


Many sites are still available despite some internet casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks were blocked in 2020.


Can You Bet Thai Baht at Online Casinos?

Thai baht (THB) are accepted on some Thai mobile casinos. Assuming you have got a checking account or other payment services with THB, then you’ll be able to deposit at these gaming sites.


These same sites might allow you to gamble within the country’s native currency too. At the present exchange rates, a 100 THB bet is worth US$3.35.


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Casino Gambling

Not all mobile casinos accept baht, though. Only take major currencies like USD, GBP, and/or EUR are usually accepted by some online casinos in Thailand.


If you merely have THB, then you’ll have to make a conversion to 1 of the available currencies. Afterward, you’ll be able to place a deposit using an available method.


Speaking of which, credit cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, wire transfers, and e-wallets are accepted by Thai mobile casinos. Some gaming sites won’t offer all of those methods, but they’ll a minimum of feature multiple deposit options.

Should You Gamble Online in Thailand?

Nothing is stopping you from playing at internet casinos despite the supply of unregulated online gaming. However, you may want to require some factors into consideration before logging on.


First off, Thailand isn’t keen on any sort of gambling. Again, everything else is prohibited except horse betting and approved lotteries.


Almost zero percent are the chances of you being arrested for online gaming. There are no internet gambling regulations in this nation’s laws. Gamblers are not actively being pursued by the authorities.


The other issue is that the sizable amount of unregulated sites. The Thai government doesn’t back any of those casinos and protect gamblers.


That being said, you actually want to try to do some research before depositing at a web casino. You must read reviews and appearances for licensed gaming sites.


More likely to serve you well are licensed mobile casinos. Cheating gamblers puts them at risk of losing their licenses, after all.


In the end whether you gamble online in Thailand may be a personal choice. I can’t recommend any illegal action, so my suggestion is to either not play or move somewhere you merely can legally gamble online if you simply can’t live without the action.


Many people depart with gambling online in places where it’s against the law, but this doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Are you ready for the implications if you get caught?


A little bit of gambling entertainment isn’t worth one minute in jail. And if you are caught gambling online in Thailand, this is often exactly what can happen.



Accessing real money online casinos in Thailand won’t be of any trouble. Many gaming sites serve this country. Although, these sites are not endorsed by the Thai government itself. It doesn’t approve of any types of gambling behind lotteries and racing.


You’re highly unlikely to urge arrested for taking part in Thailand’s online casinos. But you are doing must make sure that you’re choosing quality gaming sites.


Only unregulated mobile casinos serve this nation. With enough research, though, you’ll be able to choose a worthwhile Thai online casino.