Countries that Welcomed Online Gambling Activities

For the past few years, online gambling has successfully gained the attention of interested individuals. So don’t wonder why if there is an increase in the number of people who do Mega888 register to play online casino games.

This at the same time is the reason why many more countries are starting to legalize such activity. But still though, there are several regions that are still refusing to even take into consideration the option of creating a legal environment among their residents. On the other hand, they are representing shrinking minority and also, the trend is focused clearly on fully regulating and legalizing online gambling activities.

Countries that have Legalized Online Gambling

Even so, these countries that are rejecting the notion of legalizing online gambling probably has not seen the positive impact of reconsidering their decision. If they would look at other countries above, they will surely change their mind…

United Kingdom

Gambling is completely legal in United Kingdom and authorities responsible of regulating the market is UK GC. Those who wish to apply a license and serve the local market have to abide with the strict rules that are set by the commission.

Basically, UK is a prime example among other nations that are thinking of legalizing online ambling without risking the security and confidentiality of their players.


This country is also a haven for gamblers. Japan is carefully regulating the industry and sees to it that those that opt to play online can do so without compromised. Underage gambling is of course prohibited and online casinos should apply for license before offering punters an access to their game titles.


As a matter of fact, Germany is the largest European country and also, its strongest economy; thus there is a lot of funds available when it comes to online gambling. Their law about online gambling regulation is so strict. In some states, this activity has been regulated and those who are betting here enjoys the needed predictability to survive in the industry.

Regarding online operators that are not based in Germany, they are also accepting local players giving countless of gaming options.


Believe it or not, since 2011, gambling in Spain is completely legal and their unified legislation made it easier among prospective casinos as well as bookmakers to apply a license. Gaming is also regulated on federal level and there are rules that their local political units enact to bookmakers and casinos.