The Most Popular Online Slot Games In 2020

The gaming industry in general has grown exponentially in recent years, with a worldwide turnover of more than $ 120 million. With this background, we have a basis to understand how this sector has benefited from graphic and media updates to expand its services, among which are the offer of different types of online casinos.

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Among these varied modalities, we find the slots, the English name of the well-known slot machines. The online environment, however, provided freedom and means for the improvement of these games in terms of graphics, features, and benefits, which opened space for the most diverse online slots to be made available. From there, it didn’t take long for some of these slots to become favorites and most sought after by users. But how do you know which are the best slots of the moment, since there is a profusion not only of themes but also of platforms that offer this modality?

Searching for platforms that offer advantages has been one of the first considerations in this search. As in 2020 even more slots options became available, as new online casino platforms keep on appearing, thus generating competition, the portals that offer welcome bonuses were some of the most sought after by users – since bonuses and promotions end up functioning as a differential among so many options. However, until now, the most popular slots were those that, in addition to being based on an interesting theme and having bonuses linked to them, reveal features, especially those that multiply the winnings in a round and provide free spins.

Regarding the popularity of the game itself, it is true that the graphic is also an important element, but in order for this to be maintained as a positive point, the theme of the game needs to be captivating. So it takes a good deal of creativity to develop engaging games. Among those that attract the most attention today is Gonzo’s Quest, which revolves around the Spanish conqueror Gonzalo Pizarro and his journey to the heart of the Inca Empire in search of the mystical city of Eldorado. As it takes place during the period of the Inca Empire, the graphics do not let elements like the rainforest pass through and bring images sculpted in stone. The 3D game has been successful since its launch in 2010 and stood out for its innovative design, which allowed a movement of characters that had never been seen before. However, the game continues to develop, after all,

Still in the line of exploring new horizons, other slots that remain firm and strong among the favorites are those related to Ancient Egypt. Among them are Cleopatra and Book of Ra Deluxe. The first needs no comment: focused on the last queen of Ancient Egypt, her figure is enough to raise curiosity about the game and the benefits it offers. The second is already one of the most popular slots so far, being part of the second edition of the pioneering Book of Ra slot. Even with this new version, the creators maintained the design and classic line of the original game, focusing only on an HD version and making it more fluid.

Another slot that is considered one of the most popular today is Football Star. In Brazil, known as the country of football, the sport could not be left out of the most beloved topics. In the case of Football Star, one of the reasons that possibly justify his favoritism is the 243 different possible ways to score a goal. This shows that this game has a good number of successful odds. In addition to the features that we usually see in the most popular slots, Football Star, in particular, has 40 wild symbols, which act as a kind of wildcard and can replace all other icons, except one, called scatter. It can be said that this is one of the differentials of this game, which makes it quite attractive and, consequently, popular.

Whether to bet or have a no-obligation experience, these games, in addition to providing fun, give players the chance to test the online casino offerings, which, it seems, will continue to improve to make more and more interesting games available to your users.