Vegas Casinos Reopen After Months Of Lockdown

In June, casinos in Las Vegas opened their doors to their anxious players. The familiar sound of slot machines and roulette wheels whirred back to life as soon as the clock ticked after 12 midnight. It had been 11 weeks since Vegas casinos shut their doors due to the fear of coronavirus.

Las Vegas casinos reopen after coronavirus closure

A large crowd has flocked like ants aiming for sweets in front of the doorways of casinos. The D had even offered free flights to gamblers from various parts of the states just to boost their reopening event.

Derek Stevens, owner of The D casino said “We are fired up. There just smiles on everyone’s faces.” Every person present in the event is just as excited as all the staff.

The well-known Strip, casinos, resort hotels, and other gambling dens have started to reopen one after the other. The Bellagio fountains were brought back to life minutes before they opened their casino floors to eager players. Thousand of tourists and curious locals lined up, making sure to keep their distance, all eager to enter the casino once again.

The reopening event is indeed a major boost for the State of Vegas. The Vegas economy had been severely impacted considering that they strongly depended on tourism. Due to the measures taken to control the spread of the COVID-10 virus, the unemployment rate immediately shoots upwards.

Inside the city’s gaming rooms, capped at half capacity, strict restrictions were in place, with blackjack tables limited to three players in order to maintain social distancing, and fitted with plexiglass barriers between players and dealers. Staff were instructed to ensure crowds do not gather around players at craps tables, where a maximum six can stand at once.

There were strict restrictions on the margins of the city and were limited to half the capacity. The blackjack table was limited to 3 players to maintain the social distance and plexiglass barrier between players and dealers were installed to minimize contact. Staff were advised to make sure players do not crowd around crap tables that can only sit 6 players at a time.

All casino guests are asked to use face shields while gambling. Drinks are still being offered on casino floors. Las Vegas nightclubs and big shows are closed for the time being. Many casinos perform temperature control upon entry. Luis Rosales, a staff at what one of the casinos in Vegas said it’s a little scary. It’s not going to be the same and it will take some time before everything really goes back to normal.

While casinos are trying to get back on track, casinos online like 918kiss are growing players by the hour. With COVID-19 still undefeated, we will be expecting more activities done via the internet.