Casinos and gambling: Facts you need to know

Do you know which casino is the largest in the whole world? Can you remember some fun facts?

Several interesting facts about casinos


A casino city

Every person knows what Vegas is known for. The city has about 80 major casinos and more than 1,700 casinos. The city is not as big as you imagine: it has around 650,000 inhabitants. That means about 350 residents get a casino there.

Makau and Venice: what connects them?

The largest casino resort is located in Makau, China. The slot machine resort is called Venetian Casino Resort and it looks like a rich neighborhood in this Italian city, even canals with gondoliers are there.


Frankfurt am Main: this is where the casino history in Germany started

Frankfurt am Main is known as a financial city and a banking metropolis. But the city’s history is not limited to this. Do you know that the first playhouse in Germany was opened here in 1396? So, Germany has been playing games of chance for several centuries.


Who was allowed to visit the first European casino?

It was opened in Venice in 1638. If you now think that only the elite were allowed to visit it, you are wrong. All citizens could visit the casino. Yes, all women were allowed to gamble.


Can you gamble in prison?

Now you can’t. But once, in Nevada, in the state prison, there was a cozy playhouse with slot machines aligned. There you could play some popular casino games with real money. At the end of the 1960s the playhouse was closed. Nobody knows exactly why that happened. People say that the guards there lost decent sums to the prisoners, and that was the main reason why the event was closed.

Where online gambling begins

And again, it’s not about Vegas. The first online casinos and online casino games were officially recognized in a small island state of Antigua and Barbuda. In that state, the first law was created that protected online gaming. This is why lots of online gambling industry sites such as bandar judi asiabet are available these days worldwide.