The Global Online Gambling Market To Grow Even More

With the ever-evolving digital world, most trades and industries have now entered the digital landscape to have a wider reach, web traffic as well as potential revenue. This is very much true in the gambling industry where sports betting and gambling games like poker and the slots could now be enjoyed online.

Today, there are hundreds to thousands of gambling and betting sites operating online. Which makes choosing a verified, trusted and reliable online gambling and betting site not an easy. Providentially, sites like 토토사이트 offering a service wherein they provide recommendations of trusted and secure casino sites as well as verify the credibility of gambling or betting site.

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Online Betting And Gambling Sites Expected to Grow Even More

The growth of online betting and gambling sites has given people around the globe an easy, more accessible and convenient way to enjoy their favorite gambling and betting games from their own homes. And with the coronavirus outbreak that has caused people to remain in the confines of their home, online gambling and betting has pulled in new users as they look for ways to entertain themselves.

This may be actually good for the economy, since the outbreak has also caused the temporary closure of many traditional brick and mortar casinos as well as other businesses which means loss in the part of business owners and loss of income for the government crippling the economy.

Global Online Gambling Market Size

Last year, the size of the global market of online gambling was valued at 53.7 billion US dollars. This figure is expected and most likely to grow at a CAGR of 11.5% through 2020 to 2027, with and expected value of 66.7 billion US dollars in 2020 and 92.9 billion US dollars in 2023. With the high penetration of the Internet as well as the ever-increasing usage of mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops, among people to be able to play access online gambling and betting sites, this has driven even more individuals in the market.

In terms of economic benefits, tax revenues is perhaps the most significant benefit of online gambling and betting. While legalized gambling and betting in most states provides a little percentage of state tax receipts which is typically not more than 5%, tax revenues from casinos make it simpler for governments to avoid spending or budget cuts or other increases in tax.