Gambling: Its effect for the German economy


“Gambling” and “German economy” are two terms that very few people put into a syntactically meaningful context.


What exactly does gambling mean?

Gambling can be defined as follows. If the outcome is positive, additional money can be won with the money invested. In Germany, this applies to sports betting in any form but also games in an online casino, poker and slot such as judi slot online. And of course, the lottery also counts in this category.

In the context of gambling, addiction is very often spoken of and warned against, although it should be clearly stated that not everyone is at risk and affected by it. Within the German economy, for example, there is a differentiated view of the topic on this topic, compared with that in politics or the general public. A large number of different types of companies benefit indirectly from the gambling market. There is no talk of windy bookmakers here, Casinos or betting portal operators. The obvious reason for this and also for the increasing economic interest can be easily defined with four letters: money!


Assumed industry sales

Unfortunately, since there is no 100% confirmed and validated sums or figures as to how high the turnover achieved through sports betting, horse betting or online casinos in Germany is and no official information is known about how many players actually exist, you speak of estimates and assumptions. However, if you research the amounts that are implemented and spent, for example, by extremely popular providers in the field of advertising sponsorship, you can confidently speculate in areas of several billion euros. In this context, it is important to understand that almost all services and providers are organized on a global level.

Revenue from gambling – an absolute boom

Gambling can absolutely be seen as a booming industry within the economy. Hardly any other branch has as much growth as online casinos and betting platforms. If some of the rough assumptions that around 100 billion euros are turned over every year are true, this shows enormous economic power.


The importance for the economy

In short, sales achieved through sports betting and online casinos, cumulative sales in the billions every year. The local economy benefits remarkably little from it. This is due to prejudices and not current or contemporary laws. The related cash flow will continue to flow and will in all probability increase. The task of our politics should be to steer the flow of money through appropriate resolutions and legal bases and to direct it into the appropriate channels. The aim of the whole should be to strengthen the German economy.