Superstitious Gambling Around the World

Gamblers are perhaps among the most superstitious people you will have ever known. They believe in luck, fortune, and good vibes. While gamblers are very logical, they always have room for superstitions and there’s nothing to lose if you follow any of these beliefs.

Are you superstitious? If you think you are not, you are not the only one, because most people tend to deny the label. However, you might find yourself tapping on wood or crossing your fingers to avoid bad luck.

Although there are people who do not take superstition seriously, some of these beliefs remain an important part of many cultures. Likewise, there are many different superstitions that people have when it comes to online gambling or playing casino online and in land-based casinos.

Don’t count money on the table

But other superstitious activities are people trying to avoid counting money while playing games. This kind of behavior is usually typical for player cards. In particular, some people consider this activity good to be polite, while others think it is very rude and unprofessional.

Lucky # 7 and Lucky # 13

Some know exactly why, but the number 13 is always considered to bring bad luck, especially in Western culture. Because of this, some hotels do not have floor 13 or room number 13, because some customers will deliberately avoid them. Likewise, in the world of online casinos, it seems like people are careful about number 13, especially when playing roulette. However, in Asia, number 13 is said to be a symbol of luck.

On the contrary, the number 7 symbolizes fun and prosperity. What’s more, this is a very special amount of connotation when it comes to online gambling, especially when playing online slots and special versions of blackjack.

More Things to Avoid

There are, of course, more superstitions that are believed to bring bad luck, some of which include loaning money to other players, playing on a polished table, touching other players’ shoulders, turning on a chair while playing, whistling during gameplay, along with many other activities.

Having fun is what’s important

One thing is certain, using special rituals that can help players gain their confidence and improve the winning strategy to a certain extent. But luck comes in its own way and what’s important is having fun along the way, no matter if you win or lose.

How about you? Do you consider yourself to be superstitious? If so, do you have rituals or amulets?