888Mega and the Casino Industry as a Whole Fighting Back Covid19

The global gambling industry, which includes the 888Mega is forecasted to grow from being a 466 billion dollar industry to 516.03 billion dollars in 2021. This growth is primarily because of companies restructuring their operations and recovering from the impact brought by Covid-19. In the early phase of the pandemic, it resulted to many companies implementing restrictive containment that involves:

  • Remote working
  • Social distancing and;
  • Closure of commercial activities

All of these actions lead to operational challenges of numerous casinos both online and offline. By 2025, experts and analysts are projecting that the industry will even climb up to 675 billion dollars.

How soon 888Mega and other Gambling Businesses can Bounce Back?

The gambling industry comprises sales of various gambling services as well as other related goods that are operating gambling facilities like bingo halls, casinos, lotteries, video gaming terminals as well as off-track sports betting. In essence, gambling is an act of betting money or something that carries a value on a certain event with an unknown outcome that is in no one’s control.

Asia Pacific was the biggest region in the global gambling market that accounts for 38 percent of the market back in 2020. North America is in the second spot accounting 29 percent of the global gambling market. The Middle East on the other hand was the smallest region in terms of global gambling market.

Casino Games that are Pulling in Great Interest

Branded slots are steadily becoming popular in the gambling industry. These are basically licensed online casino games that are developed around famous subjects like music, books, TV shows, or movies. Brand loyalty is drawing people in trying slots that revolve around their favorite characters or idols.

In addition to that, it effectively attracts casual bettors and even those that have little-to-no experience and interest in this sort of activity. For instance, branded slots that are based on movies like Jurassic Park and Batman or TV series like Game of Thrones are extremely popular.

The Start of the Pandemic

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, it acted as a huge restraint among the gambling industry as a whole. Governments imposed lockdowns and also restricted both domestic and international travel. These actions have limited the need for the services provided by gambling establishments.

But as any other business, offline casinos and online like 888Mega have learned how to adapt and navigate through challenges. Now many new casinos are beginning to get back up and operate in the “new normal”.