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Become a leader in the energy revolution.

Utilities are uniquely positioned to become leaders in the changing energy landscape. The rapid emergence of the renewable energy industry is proof that the world is moving away from the centralized energy model that started more than 130 years ago to a more dynamic, clean, distributed model.

JLM Utility Solutions turn Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), both in-front-of and behind the meter, into reliable, revenue-driving assets.

JLM has the technology, expertise, and experience to be your partner in the transition to Utility 2.0

  • Plan

    Perform in-depth analyses on how solar, energy storage, demand response, and smart thermostat control will impact your infrastructure on an individual or aggregated level.

  • Design

    Create and model new tariff structures using a flexible user interface pre-programmed with over 30,000 tariffs. Evaluate the impact of time-of-use schedules, demand charges, modified NEM rates, and more.

  • Deploy

    Monitor and control thousands of systems on an individual or aggregated basis from a single fleet management dashboard.

  • Engage

    Educate, inform, and engage customers on their mobile phones or tablets using customized alerts and notifications.

  • Build

    Incorporate any technology into your fleet to create a diverse and well-rounded portfolio.

Transform utility scale solar into firm, dispatchable capacity.

Store power at the source for improved costs and efficiency.

Phazr Energy Storage

Eliminate the need for costly Peaker Plants by outfitting utility-scale solar with MicroStorage, a revolutionary new technology class in energy storage.

​Simply stated, MicroStorage places individual batteries behind each solar panel to create the most flexible and lowest cost solution ​available. The first in JLM’s MicroStorage family of products, Phazr is a briefcase sized battery pack that can be deployed in any configuration ranging from small ​residential to ​large commercial applications.

Phazr is conveniently positioned adjacent to the microinverter, under the solar panel and on the same rail system, making installation simple and virtually free of cost. JLM’s cloud-based energy and fleet management system, Measurz, is used to provide real-time data and insight from individual Phazrs to the system owner or manager.

Phazr uses JLM’s patent-pending Symmetric DC Regulation (SDCR) technology. SDCR is responsible for Phazr’s simplicity of design, low cost and high efficiency.

Demand Response

Residential and Enterprise

JLM Energy provides dynamic technology and tools to gain insight to behind the meter energy use and develop new strategies to enhance the distributed grid even further.

Measurz software is designed to plan, design, build and deploy energy storage and renewable energy technologies. As organizations strive to meet aggressive benchmarks for adopting more Distributed Energy Resources (DER), JLM provides a streamlined path from planning to implementation.

  • Empowers users to set and control their monthly budget

  • Encourages energy efficiency through notifications and alerts

  • Controls DER devices including energy storage, load controllers, and smart thermostats

Linez and Loadz boxes

Linez and Loadz

Linez is a Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or cellular equipped energy hub for the home, enabling communication with solar inverters, energy storage systems, load controllers, smart thermostats and more.

Loadz integrates individual appliances into your demand response portfolio by intercepting the circuit with a Wi-Fi enabled relay.

During times when energy is expensive, Linez sends commands to Loadz to turn off certain appliances to save money and stay within budget. Homeowners are then presented with a series of alerts and override options to put choice and control into their hands.

Powerz interface box

 Powrz Logo Powrz

Energy Monitoring Device.

Powrz is a communication hub that interfaces with the grid and taps directly into the building through the Building Automation Control Network (BACnet). Powrz measures energy being consumed by your business and energy being produced by solar. Powerz interfaces with specific Wi-Fi enabled inverters to read solar power production and sends that data to Measurz servers.

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