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Home Technology Bundle

Renewables. Energy Storage. Energy Management Software.

JLM Energy’s home technology bundle provides the ultimate energy smart home experience.

Fully equipped homes produce their own clean energy with solar, deliver power 24-hours a day using energy storage, and achieve maximum energy efficiency by controlling individual appliances with Linez, Loadz, and smart thermostats.

Powered by Measurz, JLM’s cloud-based software, users are given choice and control over their monthly electric bill. The Measurz Mobile App puts real-time decision making at your fingertips, offering suggestions to cut costs and reduce energy usage based on your individual habits.

Products are offered in a variety of bundles configured to meet your specific budget or energy efficiency goals.

  • Designed and engineered in-house

  • Only 20-Year battery warranty in the industy

  • Made in USA

  • Guaranteed savings immediately

  • Up to 50% off with federal and local incentives

  • Special finance options with rates as low as 0%

Energy Generation
Energy Generation

Clean, renewable energy.

Solarz Logo Solarz

Harness the power of the sun.

The cost of solar has decreased drastically in recent years, driving mainstream adoption. JLM will design, build, install and finance your standalone solar or solar plus energy storage solution so you can start saving today. Customize the system to meet your individual needs: micro or string inverters, low cost or high-end panels, and multiple racking options.

zefr Logo Zefr

Small-scale wind generation.

Zefr is the FIRST micro-arrayable wind turbine suited for commercial and industrial applications. Zefr produces energy similar to a solar panel, and can be arranged in the same electrical string. Combine with Solarz to harness renewable energy year-round.

Multiple mounting options including:

  • Standard solar racking
  • Rooftop parapet
  • Solar ground mount

Energy Storage
Energy Storage

Store your energy for when it’s most expensive.

Phazr Logo Phazr

Introducing MicroStorage

JLM Energy’s 4th generation energy storage technology.

Phazr is a revolutionary battery pack installed behind a solar panel using the same racking, offering the most reliable and safe solution with the lowest total cost of ownership available.

Phazr Solar Energy Storage

Energizr 200

Energizr Logo Energizr 200

The complete grid-tied storage solution.

Energizr 200 energy storage system is a grid-synergistic solution that works in harmony with solar power and the utility grid to reduce your utility bill.

Energy is most expensive during peak demand hours. As a result, Energizr 200 optimizes the way you use your power within the budget you establish. The smart system analyzes your energy usage habits and manages your loads to achieve higher efficiency. Small lifestyle changes, like adjusting what time of day you run the dishwasher, can make a big impact.

JLM Energy’s Measurz software monitors how much energy you are using in real-time and then automatically draws from your solar system, the batteries or the grid to achieve the lowest possible bill.

  • Field upgradeable
  • Wall mountable on 2 adjacent studs (16 in. or 14 in. offset)
  • Integrated support for smart thermostats and load controllers

Energizr Logo Energizr 100

  • Provides backup during power outages by keeping solar systems operational

  • Operates independently or seamlessly integrates with solar systems and backup generators

  • Protects sensitive electrical equipment during power outages

  • Uses safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

  • UL-1741 and CSA C22.2#107.1 approved

  • Designed and built in California

Protect yourself from power outages

Energizr 100 provides true grid-independence and resiliency for your home’s essential loads. When the power goes out, the system seamlessly provides emergency backup power and keeps solar systems fully operational.

Energy Monitoring
Energy Monitoring

Real-time insight into your energy usage.

Measurz software empowers you to set and control your monthly utility budget. It optimizes your power use based on your habits and pre-set budget goals. By visualizing how you use your energy, you can make small adjustments that help you save big. With a complete desktop and mobile phone application, Measurz offers the complete energy smart home experience.


 Powrzlinez Logo Linez

Your home’s complete smart energy hub.

Linez serves as the gateway to connect Wi-Fi enabled smart devices to Measurz. Linez gathers information in real-time and leverages the advanced control algorithms of Measurz to achieve the lowest possible energy bill, including peak demand shaving, time-of-use shifting, and solar self-supply.

For increased resiliency, Linez stores rate schedules and historical usage information in its local memory, allowing it to operate in the event of an Internet outage. Once Internet is restored, Linez sends its cached data to the Measurz cloud for a reliable, seamless experience.

Load Management
Load Management

Consume power more efficiently.

Loadz Logo Loadz

When integrated with Linez, Loadz takes savings to the next level with behavioral energy efficiency.

The process starts by using Loadz to record energy consumption for individual appliances. That data is then sent to Linez and the Measurz cloud. During times of peak demand (typically during the hours of 5 p.m. to 8 pm when solar energy is unavailable), Loadz responds by shutting off high-usage appliances to further reduce your bill.

The Measurz Mobile App completes the experience by sending up-to-the-minute alerts to your mobile phone or tablet, presenting you with the ultimate choice and control.

Loadz wi-fi appliance connector

Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

Honeywell Logo Lyric

Lyric was designed for crazy schedules and spur-of-the-moment activities. You can control Lyric from anywhere on your smartphone, or let it adapt to your life as you go.
Lyric can save energy when you’re away, and get the house warm when you’re heading home. No more wasted energy when you’re out for the night, and no more getting in from work to a cold house. It’ll even let you know when the filter needs changing.

Cozi Thermostat


Cozi focuses on delivering superior comfort and visibility at a minimal cost. The system focuses on key components such as temperature, humidity, and occupancy sensors, while abandoning costly extras such as LED touchscreens and fail-prone mechanical dials.

• Lowest cost smart thermostat in the market

• Available in six attractive colors

• Nests inside the wall for a sleek, elegant look

• Easy to use mobile or desktop interface

• Wi-Fi communication makes for easy integration

• Senses temperature, humidity and ambient light


Visualize and Interact.

Measurz Logo Measurz

  • Set and control a monthly budget

  • Use notifications and alerts to enhance energy efficiency

  • Control energy storage, appliances, and smart thermostats

  • Optimize energy use and save money

Measurz, JLM Energy’s cloud-based software platform, acts behind-the-scenes to meet the monthly budget you set.

Measurz energy software mobile

Time of use
Time-of-Use Shifting

Avoid expensive On-Peak rates by storing energy when prices are low.

Self Consumption

Where net metering is no longer an option, store excess solar energy so it doesn’t go to waste.

Demand Response
Demand Shaving

Discharge your batteries during times of peak demand to reduce stress on the grid and your energy bill.

Energy Independence
Energy Independence

Gain choice and control over your energy bill.

Off Grid

Pair solar generation with energy storage to become your own independent power plant.


Keep solar operational when the grid is down for added security.

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