Commercial & Industrial

Gridz Single Unit

Gridz Design


Gridz was designed with scalability in mind, allowing multiple units
to seamlessly pair together for increased power or capacity. The
modular design of the cabinet allows units to be placed side-by-side
or back-to- back with minimal spacing in between. Units can also be
installed indoors or outdoors.

Phazr Bottom Unit


Plug-and-play scalability

Keep your business clean and efficient. With Phazr MicroStorage's
Plug-and-play technology, your energy cultivation is housed
directly behind your solar panel. No more need for large, space
-occupying devices. Phazr's unique design and patented SDCR
regulation technology, allows commercial and industrial businesses
to scale their energy storage to the size they desire, with no
limitations on future growth.

Phazr rack with microinverters

All JLM enterprise solutions include unlimited access
to the Measurz Fleet Management system. Through
Measurz, up-to-the-second information about
system performance is displayed on a beautiful,
high-definition dashboard. Keep track of your savings.

Login at any time to see a live, running total of your
estimated utility bill for the month, including how
much you’ve saved from solar and energy storage.

Prefer to run your own numbers? Download historical
usage reports to plug data straight into your
own spreadsheets.


Software Platform

Powrz Device


Total Visibility Over Your Solar Production

Powrz was built around a simple concept: savings start
with visibility. Whether you are looking to cut energy costs
for your customers or your own business, Powrz gives you
the data and the tools you need to achieve the lowest
possible electricity bill.

Measurz Mobile Software

Gridz: Commercial Solutions for Energy Demand

Choose your savings

Gridz™ is designed to work with or without solar and can be Grid-Synergistic or Grid-Resilient. Grid-Synergistic models intelligently balance your energy consumption to avoid expensive On-Peak usage. Each system arrives pre-programmed with your specific utility tariff to automatically deploy the lowest-cost strategy available, including Peak Demand Shaving, Time-of-Use Shifting, PV Smoothing, and more. Grid-Resilient models perform all of the same money-saving functions but with the added benefit of providing emergency backup power in the event of an outage.

Gridz in Solar field

Voltage Sag Protection

Protect your machinery from fluctuations in grid power quality.


Keep essential loads running during a power outage.

Demand Response

Enroll in utility sponsored DR programs for additional savings (where applicable).

Demand Charge Reduction

Seamlessly operates behind-the-scenes to reduce costly demand charges.

Why your solar system needs energy storage

Simple plug-and-play technology cuts down on installation time.

Demand Shaving

Demand Shaving

Discharge batteries during times of peak demand to reduce stress on the grid, targeting one of the most costly charges on your monthly utility bill.

Self Supply

Solar Self-Supply

Reduce your dependency on net metering by storing excess solar in batteries. Helps energy storage qualify for the 30% ITC

PV Smoothing

PV Smoothing

Bring predictability to intermittent renewables. Overcome net metering restrictions for large-scale solar deployments.

Voltage Sag Protection

Voltage Sag Protection

Protect your machinery from fluctuations in grid power quality.


Time-of-Use Shifting

Avoid expensive On-Peak prices by charging batteries during Off-Peak hours.

Grid Resiliency

Grid Resiliency

Keep essential loads fully operational, 24-hours a day.

Phazr Scalability

Grow Your Energy
With Your Business.