MySun powered by JLM Energy comes to Hawaii

MySun powered by JLM Energy’s home energy storage ecosystem designed for deployment in Hawaii

California Enacts 4 New Laws to Promote Energy Storage | Greentechmedia

California already leads the nation in energy storage deployments, but the legislature decided there was more to do on the policy end.

Governor Jerry Brown signed four bills into law Monday to further develop and streamline the state’s storage market. They direct the California Public Utilities Commission to evaluate the role large-scale storage can play for the integration of renewable energy, create an independent body to resolve storage interconnection disputes, expand funding for the Self-Generation Incentive Program by $249 million, and urge the state’s three investor-owned utilities to invest in up to 500 megawatts of storage projects on top of the existing 1,325-megawatt procurement target….Read More

By Julian Spector | September 29, 2016

How Arizona’s Biggest Utility Is Modeling the Customer of the Future in Its ‘Rate Design Laboratory’

Arizona Public Service doesn’t want to monopolize the rooftop solar market in its service territory, contrary to what some might think.

There’s been an enormous amount of debate in recent years around whether or not regulated utilities should be able to own and rate-base distributed energy resources (DERs). Supporters argue that utility programs can be structured in a way that expands access to solar and other customer-oriented technologies, while detractors argue that allowing a government-backed monopoly to enter the market will crush third-party competition.


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