North Putnam Community School Corporation, Bainbridge Indiana

North Putnam High School Video
PV Smoothing Yes
Annual Energy Use 2,153,000 kWh
Monthly Peak Demand 750 kW
First Year Savings $241,895
Payback Period 14.2 Years
25-Year IRR 6.1%

North Putnam Community School Corporation was interested in converting to energy storage and renewable energy because it is a way to hedge against the rising cost of electricity. Schools face a tough fiscal environment. Inflation is handed down year-after-year by utility companies, while budgets are shrinking and costs are rising. Public schools are constantly being pushed to do more with less from a capital perspective. The renewable market gives schools an opportunity to create efficiencies. Renewable energy is a solution that provides a levelized cost of electricity. It saves money now, in the near-term and the long-term.

JLM Energy, Inc. installed the 300 kW / 960 kWh Gridz system that put the school district on the path to decrease utility expenditures. The system is designed to store excess solar energy not consumed by the facility.

The school’s utility, Duke Energy, accepts only 500 kW of solar to the grid. The school consumes about 250 kW during peak hours, sells excess energy to the grid, and stores the remaining solar energy for later use.

Endorsement from project partner Johnson Melloh’s Jami Krynski, Vice President of Sales and Operations

“JLM has proven to be reliable, dependable and real leaders in their industry. Their innovation has proven to be a real value-add that is becoming usable and applicable to most of our target market. It’s been refreshing to get to know the JLM team. They are down to earth, while also very professional and intelligent. It is really easy to do business with JLM. ”a levelized cost of electricity. It saves money now, in the near-term and the long-term.”