Bear River Band Community Center, Hoopa Valley

Hoopa Valley Range
Annual Energy Use 301,923 kWh
Monthly Peak Demand 51 – 61 kW
kWh Usage Offset 40%
Monthly Cost Reduction 40%
First Year Savings $20,749
Bear River Band, a Northern California Native American community, faced peak demand charges over $19 per kiloWatt, resulting in $4,000 – $6,000 in monthly electricity bills.

The community placed their trust in JLM Energy to install a solution that would reduce their dependence on Pacific Gas and Electric while making a strong commitment to renewable energy. To meet Bear River’s vision, JLM Energy designed, manufactured and installed a bundle of renewable energy technology to shave demand charges, provide backup energy and be a visual statement of the tribe’s commitment to clean energy.

The bundle included a 100 kW solar ground mount integrated with 20 Zefr wind turbines, all coupled to a 30 kW battery energy storage system. The result is a cost-effective renewable system which provides 40% of the community’s energy needs, shaves costly peak demand charges, provides emergency backup and reduces their PG&E bill by up to 75%. Gridz, the JLM-manufactured energy storage system was deployed in a National Electrical Manufacturers Association rated outdoor (NEMA-3R) unit. The solar, wind and energy storage components are all unified via Measurz software, the cloud-based energy storage management software developed by JLM.

“What separated JLM from competitors was their turnkey combination of hardware and software. Other solutions had batteries from one company, renewables from another and 3rd-party software that reduced our confidence in long-term reliability.… We would recommend JLM Energy to anyone considering a smart renewable energy solution.”