Hyspan Metal Manufacturing | Chula Vista, California

Hyspan Feature
Annual Energy Use 404,358 kWh
Monthly Peak Demand 140 kW
Return on Investmant 4 years
First Year Savings $20,749
Commercial demand charges affect all business owners but none worse than manufacturers. Heavy machinery and volatile power spikes contribute to 50-60% of their monthly electricity bill and can by often reach into the six-figure range. Interested in slashing these costs, Hyspan looked to JLM to deploy a 90 kW solar plus storage solution designed to shave their peak demand and optimize their electricity consumption.

Located in Southern CA, Hyspan is subject to some of the most expensive demand charges in the nation.

While a traditional solar system would have offset some of those demand charges, manufacturing on cloudy days or when the sun wasn’t out would still have left them exposed to significant demand charges.

Thanks to generous Federal and State incentives for qualified solar plus storage systems, Hyspan reduced that exposure, saving $60,000 in demand charges in year one with a projected four year return on investment