Franchise Services | Mission Viejo, CA

Franchise Services
Annual Energy Use 570,858 kWh
Monthly Peak Demand 181 kW
First Year Savings $10,100
Payback Period 3.27 Years
25-Year IRR 26%
After a utility billing structure change dramatically increased the cost of energy for Franchise Services in Mission Viejo, the management team decided to take control over their annual utility expenses by installing JLM Energy’s solar plus storage smart energy management technology.

Franchise Services occupies 44,000 square feet of commercial real estate and had an annual electricity expenditure of $120,000. By installing the new commercial grade Gridz system, two 30 kW/60 kWh battery systems and 300 solar panels provide enough energy to cut their utility expenses by 75%.

Utility companies calculate electricity charges for businesses based on total kilowatt-hours consumed and the rate at

which this energy is used. The rate of energy consumption is referred to as “demand charges” and can account for up to 50% of a monthly energy bill.

JLM Energy’s smart software, Measurz, analyzes historical energy consumption trends and then develops efficiency recommendations that include the exact combination of storage and renewable energy needed to limit demand charges. This makes it possible to rely on stored energy during peak times or feed excess energy back to the grid at a constant rate, resulting in lower bills.

Franchise Services received the first permit of its type in Mission Viejo and is considered by the city as the gold standard for which implementing solar/battery systems will be measured in the city.

“We estimate that implementing solar and energy storage will cut our utility expense by 75%. Our calculations show the break-even point on this system is 48-months.”