C&I customers saving money with solar+storage

Pairing energy storage with solar brings many benefits to the end user, especially those in the commercial and industrial space. Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge Networks, said there are significant market opportunities right now for solar+storage in non-residential settings.

“Combining solar plus energy storage can bring additional revenue streams to a project including arbitrage and demand response programs,” he said. “Because most of our customers opt for our shared savings model, taking advantage of these synergies comes at essentially no additional cost. Utilities also appreciate pairing these technologies as a solution for variable solar production- more consistent flow of energy.”


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JLM Energy Empowers Home Owners to Generate Their Own Electricity, Even at Night

ROCKLIN, Calif. – JLM Energy, Inc. is changing the way renewable energy is collected, stored and used for back-up storage and peak power reduction. Energizr is the only fully integrated residential solution in the market today capable of bringing together renewable energy, the grid and energy storage on a single platform. It even incorporates seamless integration with a generator. This means that the renewable energy from solar photovoltaic panels or wind turbines is now available on site during a power outage. Energizr is an intelligent system designed to provide constant energy access.

“The most common response we get from customers when they are looking at installing renewable energy is that they want this energy for their own home during a power outage. In fact, this has not been the case. Virtually all solar installations are set up in such a way that they will not deliver power when the utility grid is down. During an outage, Energizr delivers stored power to the household and at the same time allows the PV solar system to re-supply the batteries. Our customers are really excited to be able to generate and use their own power during outages.” – John Hoffman, Director of Sales and Marketing at SunGreen Systems, Los Angeles, CA

JLM Energy’s Energizr brings together three major components of an energy system in a single package: the power utility grid, renewable energy sources (Wind and PV) and energy storage. In situations where the grid is available, the renewable resources are used to charge the system batteries and then the excess renewable energy is used for net metering. When the grid is unavailable, Energizr uses the energy stored in the batteries to power home electrical loads and at the same time ensures that PV or wind power recharges the batteries.

Energizr is a game-changing energy technology product with sophisticated software to help homeowners and small businesses realize the dream of energy independence.

Energizr provides:

  • Energy back-up system
  • Renewable energy storage
  • Sophisticated battery management
  • Optimal peak usage demand offsets

Energizr is:

  • Designed and Built in California
  • Tested by Intertek for safe and reliable operation

Learn more about the Energizr, visit www.JLMEI.com

Learn more about California’s Self Generation Incentive Program

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JLM Energy Inc. Introduces the Gyezr Solar Thermal Collector

Commercial Grade Solar Thermal Technology for Hot Water Solutions

ROCKLIN, California, October 9, 2012 – JLM Energy Inc., an energy technology company, introduces Gyezr, a family of solar thermal collectors built for commercial applications. Gyezr solar thermal collectors utilize commercial grade technology to deliver solar-powered hot water generation.

‘Solar thermal technology is a tremendous energy saving opportunity for industries that use a lot of hot water. Solar thermal is four times more efficient than photovoltaic solar when it comes to its ability to harvest the sun’s energy,’ said Farid Dibachi, CEO of JLM Energy Inc. ‘Until now, however, commercial users of hot water did not have access to commercial grade solar-thermal technology. With Gyezr we bring this opportunity to our customers.’

‘Gyezr is the first solar-thermal collector that has incorporated microcontrollers for monitoring and safety into each collector. This is a key piece of technology required for large commercial installations,’ said Kimberly McCollum, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Quality Electric Supply, Virgin Islands. ‘Being able to tell my customers that they can monitor their energy usage wirelessly in real-time is a huge selling point.’

The microcontroller is a self-powered, wireless device that can give real-time updates on temperature and performance statistics to a customer over the internet. If an over-or-under temperature is sensed in any of the Gyezr collectors, the microcontroller will empty the collectors thereby protecting the system.

‘With lightweight and low profile construction, Gyezr can be designed around any physical restrictions imposed by a building’s structure. Gyezr can be scaled for projects such as hospitals and food processing plants. This presents a large and untapped opportunity for JLM,’ said Kraig Clark, Chairman of JLM Energy Inc.

About JLM Energy Inc.

JLM Energy Inc. is an energy technology company. We are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and customer-facing professionals dedicated to research and development of products aimed at reducing the energy expenditure of our commercial, industrial and residential customers.

JLM Energy Inc. was founded by Farid Dibachi and Kraig Clark. With more than 30 years of experience in the high technology industry, Mr. Dibachi is a successful and seasoned entrepreneur who started Arzoon Inc., Diba, Wavetron Microsystems and spent several years with Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HP). Clark is the co-founder of CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a data and analytics company serving the mortgage and insurance industries. Since leaving CoreLogic, Clark has continued his entrepreneurial passion and partnered with Dibachi to create JLM Energy Inc.