JLM Energy partners with N.E.R.D. Power to install first post-beta residential storage projects in Arizona

6/12/18 | Mesa, AZ | Rocklin, CA

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MESA, Ariz. and ROCKLIN, Calif., June 12, 2018 – After successfully completing beta testing, with 400 Phazr battery installations in APS and SRP territories, JLM Energy, an energy technology company, is partnering with N.E.R.D. Power on residential solar plus storage projects in Arizona. JLM’s earlier installations focused on performance testing including successful performance in extreme summer heat.

Phazr is an innovative distributed energy storage platform. Phazr’s plug-and-play design dramatically simplifies installation and lowers engineering and ongoing maintenance costs over traditional energy storage systems; helping to lower the overall cost for adding energy storage to solar and increasing system value. Phazr, installs on the roof, directly under the solar panel, in a matter of minutes.
Phazrs are controlled by JLM’s Measurz software, which directs the batteries to optimize grid applications including time-of-use arbitrage, demand shaving, solar self-consumption, providing significant value to solar owners and investors.
N.E.R.D. Power’s President Babe Kilgore said, “JLM Energy’s DC-coupled Phazr battery pack and Measurz optimization software complements our approach to the energy market. What differentiates the Phazr ecosystem is that it understands the demand portion of the utility bill and it automatically keeps customers under those demand levels in SRP territory. JLM’s approach to storage provides enhanced flexibility to the customer because it future-proofs against the utilities’ next rate increase and it’s easy to go back and retrofit more batteries if needed.”

JLM Energy’s Chief Executive Officer Erin Clark said, “We are pleased to partner with such an innovative company that has a holistic approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Residential time-of-use and residential demand charges are a reality for folks in Arizona and solar-plus-storage provides welcome relief from high utility bills.”

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JLM Energy is an energy technology company. JLM has created a fully-integrated software platform and energy technology bundle that optimizes energy use and maximizes savings for customers. The bundle includes solar, energy storage, monitoring devices, algorithms and load controllers that are all unified via a single software platform.
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