JLM Energy launches the Student Engaged Learning program with Community Colleges

5/24/18 | Rocklin, CA.

Educate and Save with Energy Storage

ROCKLIN, Calif., May 24, 2018 –Today JLM Energy launched its Student Engaged Learning program in conjunction with community colleges. JLM will install energy storage with guaranteed savings, at no out-of-pocket cost to the school. Students can learn about energy modeling software, battery/inverter technology, demand management created by energy storage, project economics, project management, city planning and utility interconnection approval process in a way that promotes student engagement.

“In addition to saving money for schools, the student engaged learning program serves as an excellent hands-on educational platform where curriculum can be created,” said Jon Caffery of College of the Desert.

The program grew from a partnership with College of the Desert in Palm Desert, Calif. where JLM engineered Foldrz, the first of its kind mobile solar-hybrid solution. College of the Desert is part of the Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium, including 12 community colleges and other workforce partners in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The Empire/Desert Regional Consortium recently recognized JLM Energy with its Excellence in Partnership and Strong Workforce Champion award. JLM was nominated by Caffery, who cited JLM’s contribution of material support, professional development, and industry expertise.

The Inland Empire/Desert Regional Consortium serves as a regional framework to communicate, coordinate, collaborate, promote and plan career and technical education and workforce and economic development in the desert region of Southern California.
Vice President of Sales Nate Newsom said, “Community colleges and universities present a sweet spot for our area of expertise. Many young people want to pursue a degree in green technology and we are excited to provide hands-on experience and expertise through our hardware, software and industry knowledge.”

To see if your school qualifies to participate in the student engaged learning program, contact Nate Newsom at nate.newsome@jlmei.com.


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