JLM Energy Installs Renewable Energy Mobile Unit at College of the Desert

Innovative MicroStorage technology enables dual supply of power from solar to batteries and the grid simultaneously.

9/25/17 | Palm Desert, CA. | Greentechlead.com

JLM Energy, a California-based renewable technology company, has supplied a renewable energy mobile unit to College of the Desert for using Foldrz in sustainability education programs and as a recruiting tool with prospective students.

JLM energy said Foldrz has the ability to generate, store and distribute power to critical operations, including integration with third-party generators, hydraulic motion controls, and track the sun. JLM Energy’s cloud-based software, Measurz, monitors and manages the operations of Foldrz.

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JLM Energy is an energy technology company. JLM has created a fully-integrated software platform and energy ecosystem that optimizes energy use and maximizes savings for customers. The ecosystem includes solar, energy storage, monitoring devices, algorithms and load controllers that are all unified via a single software platform. JLM Energy is an employee-owned company. To learn more, visit www.jlmei.com

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