JLM’s Phazr is selected by Green Earth Energy

Phazr’s first commercial application in Connecticut

9/11/17 | Rocklin, CA.

Phazr UnitROCKLIN, Calif – September 11, 2017 – The modular design of Phazr makes it an ideal product for commercial energy storage applications. Green Earth Energy recognized that and has designed a solar plus energy storage solution for a manufacturing facility in Connecticut. The addition of energy storage will combat high demand charges from the utility company.

Phazr is an innovative distributed energy storage platform. It pairs a single solar panel with a battery pack in a one-on-one ratio, minimizing design and installation costs. Phazr charges directly from the renewable energy generated by the solar panel. Consequently, it qualifies for the Federal Investment Tax Credit.

Phazr uses JLM Energy’s patent-pending Symmetric DC Regulation, the only technology available that enables a solar panel to charge a battery and send power to a building at the same time. Excess energy from the solar panel is stored in Phazr for use later in the day for demand charge reduction, TOU energy shifting or self-supply.

By taking this module-level approach, JLM’s Phazr is advancing DC coupled storage applications and spurring widespread adoption of storage. Operating with its patent pending Symmetric DC Regulation, JLM is able to maximize solar generation to provide the most optimized solution, ensuring the customer achieves the highest amount of savings and a rapid return on investment.

“Adding JLM’s Phazr made sense for this use case because of the design flexibility and ease of installation,” said Chris Scyocurka, Founder & CEO of Green Earth Energy.

Ardes Johnson, JLM Energy’s VP of strategic initiative said, “The combination of solar plus storage creates greater value for the customer in many cases. It is an elegant, cost effective solution.”

Phazr’s first installations were completed this spring in Arizona, where the product is performing well in extreme temperatures. Phazr is certified to UL standards 9540 and 1973 and meets National Electric Code requirements.

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