JLM Energy sells commercial Phazr storage system to Hoopa Valley Tribe

Innovative MicroStorage technology enables dual supply of power from solar to batteries and the grid simultaneously.

4/12/17 | Rocklin, CA.

Hoop Valley Tribe

ROCKLIN, Calif. April 12, 2017 – Leadership of the Hoopa Valley Tribe is taking the next step in environmental stewardship and enhancing sovereignty. These values led the tribe to invest in JLM Energy’s solar plus storage solution that will make it possible to rely on stored energy during peak times to lower electric bills and save money.

“JLM’s Phazr is the most innovative solution available today. It will enhance our independence and save money. More importantly, we are doing the right thing for the environment and future generations,” said Tribal Chairman Ryan Jackson.

Hoopa is incorporating a carport solar array combined with JLM Energy’s new MicroStorage product Phazr to virtually eliminate their annual electricity bill for the tribe’s community center. The 26,000 square-foot facility includes indoor basketball courts and an outdoor swimming pool.

Phazr is mounted seamlessly behind the solar panel, making installation simple and virtually cost free. Because Phazr couples a battery pack directly to a corresponding solar panel, it is the first solution that enables the dual supply of power from solar to batteries and the grid simultaneously.

As solar power diminishes late in the day, the Phazr system will discharge the battery while simultaneously delivering the remaining solar power directly to the building. This concurrent electricity flow is unique to JLM’s patent-pending technology.

The project will be financed by JLM Energy and will generate savings amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

This project is estimated to reduce future CO² emissions by the equivalent of:

  • 191,676 lbs. of coal burned
  • 20,212 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 430,497 miles driven

Nate Newsom, JLM Energy’s VP of Enterprise Sales, said “Phazr is a plug-and-play solution. It is suitable for retrofits and new projects. We see a big opportunity to transform tribal operations to greater levels of sustainability through continued collaboration.”

JLM Energy’s solar plus storage solutions operate on intelligent software called Measurz. Measurz analyzes energy consumption trends and then develops efficiency recommendations that include the exact combination of storage and renewable energy to optimize energy efficiency. Users can rely on stored energy during peak times or feed excess energy back to the grid at a constant rate, resulting in lower bills.

State rebates in California are also available for qualifying projects.

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