This Rocklin-based startup stretches power of solar to cut electric bills.

Entrepreneurs Farid Dibachi, left, and Kraig Clark have teamed up at Rocklin’s JLM Energy to produce solar-plus-storage and storage-only systems that help homeowners and businesses save power for when they need it.

4/02/17 | Cathie Anderson | The Sacramento Bee

Farid and Kraig of JLM Energy

The entrepreneurial Farid Dibachi and his team at Rocklin’s JLM Energy have invented a briefcase-size battery storage system that tucks beneath solar panels and powers a home or business, even as the panels continue sending excess energy to the electric utility grid.

“If you look at any one of our competitors’ systems, even the most advanced systems that are out there, they can either send the power that is generated by the solar panel to the grid or send it to the batteries,” Dibachi said. “We’re the only company that has created a piece of technology that can do both at the same time, and that … is the secret sauce, our prime competitive advantage.”

The 55-year-old Dibachi, who co-founded JLM in February 2011 with CoreLogic co-founder Kraig Clark, has started and sold three other technology businesses since he was 28. JLM systems also provides customers with a software system that shows them how they are consuming electricity and how they can increase their savings.

Dibachi talked with The Bee about where JLM’s solar-plus-storage systems are most cost-effective right now, what has driven him to create one business after another, and what he’s learned about success and failure.

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