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About JLM Energy

JLM Energy is an energy technology company. JLM has created a fully-integrated software platform and energy technology bundle that optimizes energy use and maximizes savings for customers. The bundle includes solar, energy storage, monitoring devices, algorithms and load controllers that are all unified with a single software platform.

JLM Energy is employee-owned and based in Northern California with offices in Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. @JLMEnergy on Twitter.

Contact: Ellen Howe
Cell: 703-835-5550
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JLM Energy Puts Batteries on Solar Modules With New Phazr Storage Product

Like microinverters, this system distributes the storage at the solar-module level to save on design and install costs.

1/27/17 | Julian Spector |

Phazr Microstorage Technology

Energy technology startup JLM launched a new battery aimed squarely at the solar-plus-storage market, which the company expects to grow rapidly this year.

The Phazr battery continues JLM’s tradition of Z-happy nomenclature, but it functions differently than its predecessors. This thin rectangular battery, 20 inches by 10 inches, clips directly onto the back of a solar module. Just as Enphase microinverters popularized a distributed model for solar power conversion, Phazr takes a distributed approach to storage.

The Rocklin, California-based company contends that the distributed architecture enables big savings in the soft costs of a storage purchase: the design and labor of installation, as well as operations and maintenance. The company had previously served residential and commercial storage markets with its Solarz modules and Energizr battery line, but with the new “MicroStorage” product, it is tackling utility-scale solar-plus-storage for the first time. The first production run will ship end of March.