MySun powered by JLM Energy reopens solar market in Nevada

Company opens office in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – November 16, 2016 – The end of retail net metering in Nevada left homeowners with no opportunity to save money with solar. Until Now. Using JLM’s Energizr 200 energy storage system, residents store the energy produced while the sun is out and use it in their home in the evening – completely eliminating the need for net metering.

Energizr 200 is now available in Nevada and is fully programmed and automated with local tariff data to immediately save homeowners money on utility bills. Energizr 200 enhances efficiency by relying on stored energy when electricity is most expensive to use.

JLM Energy’s VP of Residential Sales, Emmitt Summers said, “We initially developed Energizr 200 with the specific intent of solving challenges customers face in Nevada. That is why we are increasing our commitment to the region.”

In addition to opening an office at 4840 W University Ave., Las Vegas, JLM has hired Joe Giannelli as the Nevada residential sales general manager. Until recently Giannelli served as a regional sales manager for Sunrun.

Giannelli said, “Nevada was a national leader in residential solar installations until they ground to a halt over the net metering debate. JLM Energy is going to bring solar back as a viable solution for this market by offering solar plus battery storage.”

The Energizr 200 grid-tied ecosystem is the most efficient energy storage system available today. Using JLM’s patent-pending Symmetric DC Regulation technology, energy flowing from solar panels charges the batteries directly or bypasses the batteries for immediate use by the home. This eliminates unnecessary cycling and enhances battery life.

The cloud-based software platform, Measurz, automatically determines when energy should be used or stored and acts behind-the-scenes to meet a monthly budget set by the homeowner. The software analyzes user habits to come up with efficiency recommendations.

Measurz mobile app enables remote control of appliances including HVAC systems and pool pumps that often cost the most to run. Energizr 200 tracks real-time energy consumption to create efficiencies that can be monitored from home or remotely. This leads to more informed energy use decisions and immediate cost savings.


  • Saves money by optimizing energy use;
  • Monitors real-time energy consumption and auto-generates efficiency recommendations;
  • Grid-tied for daily use or grid independent for use during power outages;
  • 30% of system costs are covered by federal incentives;

About JLM Energy

JLM Energy is an innovative technology company that offers a broad set of renewable energy and energy storage products. JLM manages every aspect of the value chain delivered to customers from product design to installation and service.

JLM Energy’s full portfolio of advanced energy solutions provides consumers with choice and control over their electricity expenditure. Founded in 2011 by Farid Dibachi and Kraig Clark, JLM Energy is an employee-owned company.


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