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California already leads the nation in energy storage deployments, but the legislature decided there was more to do on the policy end.

Governor Jerry Brown signed four bills into law Monday to further develop and streamline the state’s storage market. They direct the California Public Utilities Commission to evaluate the role large-scale storage can play for the integration of renewable energy, create an independent body to resolve storage interconnection disputes, expand funding for the Self-Generation Incentive Program by $249 million, and urge the state’s three investor-owned utilities to invest in up to 500 megawatts of storage projects on top of the existing 1,325-megawatt procurement target….Read More

By Julian Spector | September 29, 2016

Movers & Shakers Feature JLM Energy: Farid Dibachi

JLM Energy hires two former SunRun execs for key sales roles; expands leadership team as it anticipates exponential growth.

California renewable energy and storage technology business JLM Energy has recently expanded its leadership team, adding four new vice presidents, including two former SunRun executives. The expansion of the executive board is part of a wider strategy for significant growth, as the company added more than 20 new employees last year.


Frost & Sullivan Movers & Shakers features JLM’s CEO & Founder

Entrepreneur shares vision for future of energy storage

ROCKLIN, Calif. – Research firm Frost & Sullivan features JLM’s CEO & Founder,  Farid Dibachi in its September “Movers and Shakers” column as a thought leader in renewable energy technology. In the wide ranging interview, Dibachi highlights the need to offset demand charges, as well as comprehensive changes to net metering policy as drivers for battery storage in coming years. He also spoke to resiliency and affordability. To download the PDF click here.

Dibachi said, “The combination of solar plus energy storage technology is designed to give users more choice and control over their utility bill. Consumers can now generate their own energy and manage it independently. The technology also enables individuals to make small lifestyle changes like what time of the day is optimal to run the dishwasher or run a load of laundry – that can save energy and money.”

JLM Energy is focused on total cost of ownership, Dibachi said. “Our product provides more value and longer life because we have developed a proprietary method, called Symmetric DC Regulation. It is more efficient than anything else on the market.”

“The portion of the energy that needs to be used real-time goes directly to the building, bypassing the batteries. This increases the life of the system. We end up with a significantly more efficient system, with 87% overall efficiency, our closest competitor is about 20% less efficient,” he said.

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About JLM Energy

JLM energy is an innovative technology company that offers a broad set of renewable energy and energy storage products. JLM manages every aspect of the value chain delivered to customers from product design to installation and service.

JLM Energy’s full portfolio of advanced energy solutions provides consumers with choice and control over their electricity expenditure. Founded in 2011 by Farid Dibachi and Kraig Clark, JLM Energy is an employee-owned company.