Arizona’s largest utility is trying to solve a big problem with solar-powered homes

By:  Susan Lisovicz

Imagine your local electric utility puts solar panels on your home, free of charge. Now imagine that same utility gives you an array of state-of-the-art energy-saving devices — from thermostats you can control from your phone to batteries that automatically charge any excess energy from those solar panels.
You can also turn off your appliances remotely and access cloud-based software designed to help you save money on energy. And you’ll get push alerts notifying you when to avoid using energy-draining appliances.
Arizona’s largest utility, the Arizona Public Service Electric Company (APS) is launching a pilot program to do just that for 75 homes in the greater Phoenix area, long known as the Valley of the Sun. The pilot program — which Yahoo Finance is reporting on exclusively— aims to save both the consumer and APS money during the most expensive part of power generation: peak demand in the evening, after the sun sets.
“When you’re looking at the app it will tell you how much it costs to run the dryer at five in the evening compared to 10 p.m.,” says Ellen Howe, vice president of marketing at JLM Energy, whose products are included in the study.

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