Yet another company has a device to help SRP solar customers save money

Yet another tech company has introduced a device to help solar customers in Salt River Project territory save money.

Rocklin, California-based JLM Energy Inc. has launched the latest such device. Dubbed the Energizr 200, it is fully programmed and automated with local data to help homeowners save money on their utility bills, said Farid Dibachi, JLM’s co-founder, CEO and chief products officer.

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JLM Energy is Now Licensing Measurz

JLM Energy is Now Licensing its Measurz Technology Stack

A complete technology portfolio is essential to engage in energy storage

ROCKLIN, Calif. – As states strive to meet aggressive benchmarks for Distributed Energy Resources (DER), JLM Energy, a renewable energy technology company, announced it is licensing its Measurz technology stack. Measurz consists of a hardware, firmware, software and services platform that enables consultants, utilities, installers, facility managers and system integrators to plan, design, build and deploy energy storage and renewable energy technologies.

JLM Energy Co-Founder and CEO Farid Dibachi said, “As we see the exponential growth in the energy management and energy storage business, we have seen an increasing demand from our partners and dealers to be in the business of building and deploying energy storage products and services. We designed Measurz because the industry needed a way for all user groups to engage on a single platform.”

Nick Davis, CEO of GridMarket said, “Measurz is an instrumental tool for prequalifying energy storage and solar projects on the GridMarket Distributed Energy Resources project portal. It provides real-time insight and our clients rely on the comprehensive data it provides.”

“We use Measurz with JLM’s Linez product to monitor whole-house energy consumption and solar energy generation for our customers,” said Erin Clark, President of PetersenDean Roofing and Solar. “The real-time data gives us and our customers detailed insights that we can then use to further increase their savings by installing suitable energy storage and energy management products.”

Mike Carroll, Founder and CEO of Maui Pacific Solar said, “We wanted to build a large solar plus energy storage system for one of our customers in Maui using JLM’s Symmetric DC Regulation technology. Rather than have JLM build and ship the product to us, we licensed JLM’s technology which will allow us to build the system here in Maui, using our local workforce.”

Technology Modules:

  • Plan residential and commercial with Measurz™ Energy Storage Toolkit
  • Design new rate plans with Measurz™ Tariff Authoring System
  • Deploy multi-location systems using Measurz™  Fleet Management System
  • Engage customers with Measurz™ Mobile App
  • Build complete residential or commercial energy storage systems by licensing JLM’s full technology stack

About JLM Energy

JLM Energy is an innovative technology company that offers a broad set of renewable energy and energy storage products for home and business applications. The team is made up of about 60 people, half of whom are engineers. JLM Energy employees design every aspect of the products from inception all the way through to installation and service.

JLM Energy’s full portfolio of advanced energy solutions provides consumers with the choice and control they want over their electricity expenditure. Founded in 2011 by Farid Dibachi and Kraig Clark, JLM Energy is solely funded by the two partners and the revenues generated to date. ­