Nevada’s bizarre decision to throttle its own solar industry, explained

Nevada is currently embroiled in an enormous controversy over rooftop solar power. With a recent decision, regulators have cut off the state’s burgeoning solar industry at the knees, enraging customers and sending solar companies fleeing the state.

For the state’s monopoly utility, it’s a successful attempt to avoid competition. For the well-funded conservative groups fighting the spread of solar around the country, it’s the first decisive victory. For most Nevadans, however, it represents an own goal, a senseless act of self-sabotage.

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Arizona regulators approve APS residential energy storage pilot

In October, the ACC ordered a cost-benefit analysis of rooftop solar in the state after almost a year of bitter debate between utility representatives and solar advocates over proposed grid access fees for distributed solar systems. Now, Arizona Public Service has been approved to develop a develop a pilot progam aimed at evaluating the costs and benefits of residential energy storage as well.

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Why Renewable Energy is Defying Gravity

According to data released yesterday by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, a record $329 billion was invested in clean energy worldwide in 2015. Last year was also the strongest ever for installations of renewable energy capacity, with 64 gigawatts of wind and 57 gigawatts of solar power commissioned. Given the relentless plunge in oil prices, now flirting with $30 a barrel, that seems counterintuitive: conventional wisdom says that cheap fossil fuels inhibit the growth of renewables.

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Survey Reveals Distributed Energy Resource Adoption is Catching On

SPOKANE, Wash. — Ecova, an energy and sustainability management company, has released a new report, 2016 Energy and Sustainability Predictions: Findings from Leading Professionals, that provides the results of its third annual survey. The report aggregates findings from a survey of more than 700 energy, facility, finance, and sustainability professionals from numerous industries across North America, revealing trends in the way companies approach energy and sustainability management.

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Energy Storage – The Next Big Thing


Off-grid electricity from your home’s solar panels is the future.

Globally, the market for solar PV panels and battery storage is expected to grow tenfold in less than five years.

Lithium battery demand will explode over the next decade with EVs and home storage of solar electricity.

I have written articles describing the rise of solar energy and electric vehicles on Seeking Alpha in 2015, which you can read here and here. With the meteoric rise of Solar and EVs the final stage to be energy self sufficient will be energy storage most likely using lithium batteries.

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The Year of the Customer: 5 demand management trends to watch in 2016

Energy trends – any trends, for that matter – tend to bleed across arbitrary date markers without so much as a nod to the New Year. But nonetheless, calendar changes allow us an opportunity to take stock and observe direction, to broadly note the ways things are moving.

Demand response isn’t new – in its most basic form, it’s been around for several decades. But these days it’s a commodity, a part of broader demand management strategies, not simply a turning-down of the thermostat. It’s tradeable, predictable and revenue generating. Keeping an eye on broad trends can give us a glimpse into where things are headed, if we are able to connect the dots.

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