Keep the Lights On in Hurricane Season: Maui Solar Project Offers ‘”Energy Appliance”

KANEOHE, Hawaii–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JLM Energy, Inc. and Maui Solar Project are working together to bring Hawaii citizens a new option for energy this hurricane season. Energizr combines renewable energy, the grid and energy storage in a single energy appliance. This means renewable energy is available on site during a power outage. Energizr is an intelligent system designed to provide constant energy access.

Virtually all solar installations are set up in such a way that they will not deliver power when the utility grid is down. During an outage, Energizr delivers stored power to the household and at the same time allows the PV solar system to re-supply the batteries. “There are 51,000 solar systems in Hawaii and 99% will shut down in the event of grid failure. The state has been informed of an increased risk of hurricanes and power outages this season. Energizr allows homeowners to have complete energy security. As we move into more severe climate change this technology becomes a necessity.” Josh Porter, President Maui Solar Project.

Energizr provides:

  • Uninterrupted power during grid outages
  • The ability for your existing grid-tied PV Solar system to operate during an outage
  • Simple and Intuitive mobile device-based monitoring system
  • Compact, elegant unit that will be a showpiece in your home
  • Affordable piece of mind in an uncertain world

Maui Solar Project is an authorized dealer and installer of JLM Energy products in Hawaii.

Call (808) 269-2352 today to declare your energy independence.

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JLM Energy manufactures a portfolio of products that deliver scalable renewable energy and energy storage solutions.

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