Enterprise Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Using PV & Energy Storage

Environmentally responsible companies provide their employees the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles while at work. This is a significant step for an employer to show their commitment to their employees and to the environment. The resulting increase in electrical bills could quickly become a financial burden for enterprise. Sound financial steps are now available to mitigate these expenses while further demonstrating the employer’s commitment to the environment.

By using renewable energy in conjunction with advanced energy storage technology, an intelligent, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution is provided.

As electric vehicles gain in popularity, many electric vehicle owners still struggle with transitioning from the convenience of making a quick stop at a gas station to having to charge their electric vehicles at a stationary charger that renders the vehicle unusable during charging. Daytime charging, while at work, is a solution to convenient charging. However, the impact of daytime charging on a facility’s utility bill and overall infrastructure is significant. In particular, charging during on-peak hours, when the utility grid is most impacted, is an expensive proposition for electric vehicle owners and their employers.