Cal Valley Solar and Yaswant Singh Bring Reliable Renewable Power to Fiji

 SUVA, FIJI, March 29, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — A Fiji native and full time resident, Mr. Yaswant Singh has been instrumental in bringing solar to the Namosi Community Post, improving community service and safety. Mr. Singh was surprised to learn that the Namosi Post was closed at night due to lack of power for lights and operation. He volunteered to do the groundwork, with help from Cal Valley Solar, where he worked previously while living in California. He provided the battery storage and solar panels for the post to have power 24 hours a day. “Now that we have the solar panels installed, we can utilize all the electrical equipment which can be powered by solar.” says Police Constable Benidito Karekare.

The effort to bring electricity to the Namosi Community Post is just the beginning of services Mr. Singh sees ahead for Fiji. Mr. Singh returned to Fiji after living many years in the United States because he felt he could do more for his native land. “There are many ways renewable energy can improve life in Fiji. I look forward to bringing renewable energy to my homeland with new technology from the U.S.A.” states Mr. Singh.

For instance, Mr. Singh knows that virtually all-solar installations are set up in such a way that they will not deliver power when the utility grid is down. At Cal Valley Solar in California, Mr. Singh worked with JLM Energy and their new energy storage system, Energizr. During an outage, Energizr delivers stored power to the household and at the same time allows the PV solar system to re-supply the batteries. “For Fijians, this means you can now use the grid for primary power or as a back-up. Fiji has many opportunities for abundant solar energy. With Energizr, Fijians can now have the energy they produce right at their home or town site.” notes Yaswant Singh.

“Energizr makes it possible to keep the lights on even when the sun is not shining. Energizr’s battery storage combined with solar energy can help remote locations get power without a grid and provide back-up power to people living in town. Energizr is designed and manufactured in California, USA.”–Yaswant Singh, Cal Valley Solar, Fiji Sales

Energizr is a new energy technology product from the United States that can change where and when Fijians have energy. This means school children can study at night with stored solar energy collected during the day. Police, even in remote locations, can now provide vital services because stored electricity keeps their posts light and active. “Energizr and other micro grid solutions can bring much good to Fijians. I look forward to bringing renewable energy technology to Fiji and helping my homeland. It is good to be back.” says Mr. Singh.

Energizr provides:
• Energy back-up system
• Renewable energy storage
• Sophisticated battery management

Energizr is:
• Designed and Built in California
• Tested to UL-1741 standard for safe and reliable operation

JLM Energy’s authorized dealer In Fiji is Yaswant Singh, with Cal Valley Solar of California. Contact Yaswant at

Yaswant Singh, Director of Operations – International
Cal Valley Solar, Inc. USA / Cal Valley Solar Inc. (Fiji) Limited
205 Waimanu Road, Suva, Fiji Islands
Fiji – (679) 971 4490 / (679) 777 7704

Call Yaswant today at (679) 971 4490 or (679) 777 7704 for energy independence.

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