New Enterprise EV Charging Station Whitepaper from JLM Energy

ROCKLIN, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JLM Energy, Inc. is providing a free whitepaper that discusses Enterprise EV Charging stations and ways to mitigate negative impacts from increased energy demand.

Environmentally responsible companies provide their employees the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles while at work. Clearly, this is a significant step for an employer to show their commitment to their employees and to the environment.

Adding a 100-car EV charging system to a typical commercial building with a 1,000 occupants could increase the facility’s power bill by as much as 60%. This increase is partially due to higher energy usage. However, it is the increase in demand charges that is the main driver of the increase in costs.

In the Enterprise EV Charging Station Whitepaper, the engineers at JLM discuss how using renewable energy in conjunction with advanced energy storage technology provides an intelligent, cost effective and environmentally-friendly solution for this growing industry.

JLM engineers have successfully used JLM’s cloud-based software platform, Measurz Energy Storage Toolkit (EST), to design systems that combine the energy production capabilities of PV solar with the demand reduction capabilities of advanced energy storage (AES) systems to neutralize the cost impact of Enterprise EV Charging.

About JLM Energy, Inc.

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