Maui Solar Project Offers ‘Energy Appliance’ to Help Hawaiians Save on Utilities

KAHULUI, Hawaii–(BUSINESS WIRE)–JLM Energy, Inc. and Maui Solar Project are changing the way renewable energy is collected, stored and used for storage and peak power reduction. Energizr is the only fully integrated residential solution in the market today capable of bringing together renewable energy, the grid and energy storage on a single platform. It even incorporates seamless integration with a generator. This means that the renewable energy from solar photovoltaic panels or wind turbines is now available on site during a power outage. Energizr is an intelligent system designed to provide constant energy access.

Virtually all solar installations are set up in such a way that they will not deliver power when the utility grid is down. During an outage, Energizr delivers stored power to the household and at the same time allows the PV solar system to re-supply the batteries. For Hawaiians, this means you can now net meter and use the grid as back up. Hawaii is one of the leading states for PV installation. Hawaiians stand to gain significantly from accessing their renewable energy directly on-site.

“There are 51,000 solar systems in Hawaii and 99% will shut down in the event of grid failure. Energizr is the only technology that allows homeowners to have complete energy security. Maui Solar Project has been working in concert with JLM’s technology for over a year. We understand this technology and how it applies to our environment. We are deploying these systems today.”
Josh Porter, President Maui Solar Project

JLM Energy’s Energizr brings together three major components of an energy system in a single package: the power utility grid, renewable energy sources (Wind and PV) and energy storage. In situations where the grid is available, the renewable resources are used to charge the system batteries and then the excess renewable energy is used for net metering. When the grid is unavailable, Energizr uses the energy stored in the batteries to power home electrical loads and at the same time ensures that PV or wind power recharges the batteries.

Energizr is a game-changing energy technology product with sophisticated software to help homeowners and small businesses realize the dream of energy independence.

Energizr provides:

• Energy back-up system

• Renewable energy storage

• Sophisticated battery management

Energizr is:

• Designed and Built in California

• Tested to UL-1741 standard for safe and reliable operation

Maui Solar Project is an authorized dealer and installer of JLM Energy products in Hawaii. Contact JLM Energy or Maui Solar Project to find out more information on these products.

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