JLM Energy Inc. Introduces Zefr, the Arrayed Wind Turbine

Architecturally Flexible Wind Turbines Installed in an Array to Generate Big Power

ROCKLIN, California, September 11, 2012 – JLM Energy Inc., a leading energy technology company, announced the unveiling of Zefr, its unique wind array turbine system. Designed as an urban wind turbine, Zefr is the first of its kind that is engineered to operate in an array.

The breakthrough development of Zefr was initiated when a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians were organized at JLM Energy Inc. The goal was to increase wind power adoption with smaller, arrayed wind turbines that are compatible with urban and suburban environments. Zefr broadens the market opportunities to commercial building owners and their tenants that are looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Large wind turbines do not have the same flexibility in urban and suburban environments and are often cost prohibitive for small to medium size business owners.

‘We knew the technology development was a substantial undertaking and decided that it was worthy of bringing together an experienced team to develop the fundamental technologies required to make our vision happen,’ said Farid Dibachi, CEO of JLM Energy Inc.

‘Zefr provides us with new opportunities to harness the power of wind for our commercial and residential clients. It has opened up new doors for us. Our customers are pleased to be able to generate energy using their existing real estate,’ said Dennis Swart, owner of Pacific Islands Construction.

Zefr has several advantages including ease of installation, quieter operation, safety (humans and birds) and it is architecturally more pleasing. Depending on the configuration of the structure, the turbines can be mounted on rooftops, sidewalls and pole structures.

‘The top selling point for Zefr is the flexibility it gives to our customers. A Zefr array can be installed in different combinations to fit most structures. Similar to PV solar panels, Zefr turbines are combined in an array to produce substantial amount of power for a building,’ said Kraig Clark, chairman and co-founder of JLM Energy Inc.

About JLM Energy Inc.

JLM Energy Inc. is an energy technology company. We are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and customer-facing professionals dedicated to research and development of products aimed at reducing the energy expenditure of our commercial, industrial and residential customers.

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