New Company: Dibachi and Clark Launch JLM Energy Inc.

JLM Energy Inc. to Provide a Portfolio of Energy Saving Technology Products

ROCKLIN, California, September 5, 2012 – Farid Dibachi and Kraig Clark, two veteran technology entrepreneurs, have joined forces to start an energy technology company, JLM Energy Inc. Launched in early 2011, JLM Energy Inc. has since developed groundbreaking technology focused on providing their customers with comprehensive energy products and solutions.

“We think customers would like their technology suppliers to provide a wide spectrum of innovative technology products that could result in energy cost savings,” said Farid Dibachi, co-founder and CEO of JLM Energy Inc.

The focus of JLM Energy Inc. is to develop and market innovative products that save customers money. As energy is a major expenditure for businesses, Dibachi and Clark see the approach of providing a portfolio of products specifically suited to the needs of their customers is compelling.

“Kraig and I believe that customers ought to be able to choose from a vast array of products that are all meant to work with each other and yet address energy savings opportunities in different parts of their business.” said Dibachi.

Although JLM Energy Inc. is their first opportunity to work together, Dibachi and Clark both have years of experience managing technology businesses. Dibachi has founded several successful startup tech companies and has been indirectly involved with many others while Clark is the co-founder of CoreLogic (CLGX).

“Farid and I saw this as an opportunity to combine our experiences in technology development to offer a broad portfolio of products targeting energy savings for our customers,” said Kraig Clark, co-founder and Chairman of JLM Energy Inc.

“From the onset we knew that delivering on our mission would involve technology development that required a commitment to understanding customers needs and readiness to take on tough technical problems. We decided that we are prepared to do just that.” said Clark.

Whatever the challenges, Dibachi and Clark are poised to meet them. Going strong for almost two years now, JLM Energy Inc. has put together an impressive portfolio of products and services. Working with an ever expanding network of installers and dealers, Dibachi and Clark see a bright future for JLM Energy Inc.

“After two years of working patiently on our technology, this is an exciting time for JLM. It is fulfilling to see that our investments in time and money has resulted in products that are compelling to our customers,” said Dibachi.

About JLM Energy Inc.

JLM Energy Inc. is an energy technology company. We are a team of engineers, entrepreneurs and customer-facing professionals dedicated to research and development of products aimed at reducing the energy expenditure of our commercial, industrial and residential customers.

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